The Red Angel -Batman

It's been nine years since I lost my parents, and now I've lost something even more important. My Sanity.


1. Chapter One

“Who are you?” I cock my head and stare at the man. He tries to back away, but hits the wall of the alley and I blink my Prussian blue eyes behind my mask.

“The Red Angel, sweetie, can’t ya tell?” I gesture to my white outfit while smiling, showing off white teeth between scarlet lips.

“You’re crazy!”

“No, I’m not, but I am angry.”

“W-why are you angry?” he stammers as his eyes widen.

“You-” I poke his chest, “are a child killer. I don’t like your kind much.”


“You! Put your hands up now!” I spin on the ball of my foot and stare at the police officer behind me.

But it was just a bit of fun...and anger, I think as they push me into the back of a police car.



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