Can we be forever


1. the story

            I brushed the hair away from my bright green eyes and walked to the front door of my ex-boyfriend’s apartment. My one year old happily babbling in my arms.  I knocked and he answered, “Hey Munchkin!” He said to her while taking her from me once again for the week. I walked in and started to clean up anything hazardous to a baby.

“Andy, you promise you would make this place Baby-proof!” I scowled. He sat on the couch and pulled out a cigarette, “You do not smoke around Annabelle!” I yelled, taking the cigarette away.

“Cut me some slack, Katlynn!”

“You shouldn’t even have visitation rights,” I mumbled.

“What was that?” He said snotty.

“You heard me!” I replied. He set Annabelle on the couch and stood up.  He walked to me and I sized him up. He was 6’4. I was 5’6. The 21 year old that I still love was right there in front of me. God I missed his arms around me. We heard the door open and saw his new girlfriend, Juliet. I gave her a death glare as she came up to him and hugged him. She let go as I threw him Annabelle’s diaper bag. It had clothes, diapers, formula, and her favorite toys. I took her binky from my pocket and set it in his hands, “Remember bed around 8:30, check the bottle temperature, and don’t forget her bunny rabbit.”

“I know how to take care of my daughter,” he replied.

“I know you Andrew Biersack, better than you know yourself.” I walked to Annabelle and kissed her forehead, “You mess up, I cut you!” I threatened. I grabbed my bag off the chair and walked out, slamming the door behind me. I walked to my car and pulled my leather jacket from the back and put it on. I started the car and drove to Jinxx’s.




            I picked up Annabelle from the couch, “Andy, why don’t you put her down for a nap and we go have some fun,” Juliet said. I shot her a look.

“I told Katlynn I’d be a good dad to our daughter. I’m not going against that!” I said firmly. She pouted but I didn’t care. I still loved Katlynn but I knew she hated me. I couldn’t help but get upset at the fact that she didn’t love me back. I felt tears start to build up. I walked to Annabelle’s room and closed the door.


            I walked into Jinxx’s house and called for him and Sammi. They came out from the kitchen with CC and Ash. The tears started to pour out. Jinxx came and wrapped his arms around me. I buried my face in his neck and sobbed, “Shhh I know, I know,” he whispered.

He let me go and Ash hugged me tight. I looked in his eyes and he smiled. I smiled back and he did something I never thought Ash would do. He kissed me. His lips were soft and loving but his kiss was passionate and embracing. He pulled away and smiled, “I’ve always wanted to do that,” he said.

“Ash I,” I stuttered still shocked, “We can’t.”

“Yes we can, it’s easy we just go on a few dates and then we’ll be a couple!” He said excited. I place my hands on his neck and kissed him again. His hands went to my waist and he smiled into the kiss. I heard an “awwwee” from CC and Sammi. We pulled away. I felt like I was in love again.


My phone went off and I opened the text from Jinxx. It said you just lost her forever and it had a picture of Ash and Katlynn kissing! The tears fell faster and my silent cries became loud sobs. I called Annabelle’s babysitter and went to Ash’s house. He was home. I walked in and saw him sitting on the couch, “Asshole!” I said. He stood up and walked to me. I punched him straight in the jaw, “You know I love her!” I yelled. Ash picked himself off the floor.

“Then why did you leave her? Put her through what she has been through? Single mother, no fun nights, a crappy job as a waitress! Why are you with Juliet?” He yelled.

“I didn’t know what I had till I lost her!” I yelled back, “She was always there for me! I thought that when we had Annabelle that we would be brought closer, but it just tore us away! The fights got worse, her depression started, and I wasn’t able to hold myself back anymore! That night we broke up was the first time I laid my hands on her! She took Annabelle, her stuff, and my heart and left! I didn’t mean it! I just lost it all!” I saw a figure out the corner of my eye. I turned to see Katlynn with her hands over her face ,crying. I walked to her and brought her into my embrace, “I’m so sorry my love. I’m so so sorry,” I saw the scar next to her eye, the one I gave her. I lifted her chin up and kissed her soft pink lips. She kissed back. When we pulled away I looked into her bright green orbs.


“Yes Katlynn?”

“Can we be forever?” She whispered.

“Yes darling,” I nodded and kissed her.



“KATLYNN CMON BABE!” I yelled as she ran giggling out of the room we were painting in our new apartment. I had paint all over my bare chest. I looked at Annabelle, “Mommy’s in big trouble, huh baby?” I picked her up and put her in her bedroom and set her in the crib. I ran out and saw Katlynn. She screamed. I grabbed and put her on the couch. I pinned her down with one hand and started to tickle her. She laughed and kicked.

“ANDY PLEASE!!! I’M SORRY!” She yelled between laughs. I stopped and she put her hands in my long black hair. I kissed her and pulled out a box for her. I got off and got on one knee.

“Katlynn, will you marry me?”

“Andy I-“

“Just hear me out ok?” I interrupted her, “I love you and Annabelle more than anything in this world. We’ve been through a lot together and through it all we’ve been there for each other. You’re my everything and I want to know now, Can we be forever?”

“Oh my God, Andrew yes!” she yelled. I picked her up and kissed her passionately. Looks like I found the love of my life.


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