My Scars (Eden's Short Story)

A year and half before Eden Abernathy is sent to Blue Hills, she deals with the troubles of drugs, an abusive boyfriend, and being different from other fourteen year olds. Although she is okay with not being just like everyone else, she still feels the ridicule of society's chains pulling her slowly downward into a worse oblivion than she's ever faced before.


1. Prologue

There’s a certain point in your life where you know the one decision you make at that moment will alter your life forever.

This decision usually doesn’t happen when you’re fourteen.

For me, it does.

While most girls were out partying and meeting cute boys and going to the mall, I was getting high and having sex with my abusive, loser boyfriend.

Then again, other girls didn’t have the same problems I did.

Imagine your whole future being laid out for you when you were born.

You’ve just imagined one glimpse of my life.

And knowing this now, you might be able to sympathize a little better with my bad decisions. The decisions that will change me forever.

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