Stay away from me


1. Let me stay

I wake up feeling the cool night air from my window. I get out of bed and walk over to it without thinking. I look up at the fullmoon in the middle of the clear sky. It shines beautifully with the stars as if everyting was well in the world. I'm suddenly reminded of why I'm confined to this room when I once again notice the bars at the other side of the windowsill. I'm not human. In fact, I'm not sure what I am. I can change my body in certain ways that shouldn't be possible, and I can do things that have taken lives. At the memory of the faces that are now dead, I shed a tear for their souls. I have been trapped in here for almost a hundred years yet I haven't aged a single one. I know that I could easily get out of here if I wanted to but I'm afraid of the outside world, and the way humans have adapted. The way they think they can shape the world to their liking angers me. How they are destroying my home. But I can't do anything. I do hate them, but I also fear them. And I don't like the feeling of blood on my hands, and I think that is why I fear them. I fear their fragility.

The metal door to my cell opens, and a guard comes in with two people; a man in his early fourties and a boy around 21-22. Around the same age I stopped aging. They both stare at me and the guard looks as if he's about to piss his pants. Understandable, but hurtfull. "This is her", he says nervously. "Escort her to the limo", the man says, and both the guard and I look at him with shock written all over our faces. The boy that I'm guessing is his son looks amused by our faces. "Are you sure you wanna do that?" The guard asks. "Yes, I am." The man answers. "No, you're not", I say to the man, "you don't know what you're doing. And I have no intention of leaving." The man and his son look at me with puzzled faces. "Do not speak, prisoner!", The guardcaptain comes in, as stupid and numbheaded as he is. "I apologise her rudeness sir, she isn't exactly the brightes of the bunch, if you know what I mean.", he says to the man. If this guardcaptain wasn't fairly new he would know not to speak to me as some lesser being. I was about to say something when the boy spoke."Don't brand her stupid for speaking up." That put the guardcaptain in his spot aparently, cause he simply backed up with a scowl on his face."Trust me, I know what I'm doing.", the father said to me. And his face told me that he actually did. It didn't seem like I could convince him to let me stay and if the guards

had to force me out it wouldn't go well, so I took the smartest option I could think of."If I go with you, you have to promise me that you wont touch me." The man and his son smiled and agreed.

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