Dark Horse

Harry Styles, a well-known flirt, was a popular guy in school. He simply charmed his way through all four years and was never seen without a girl under his arm. Every girl would swoon at the sight of him, all but one. Stella was the new girl with a secret no one knew about. She was beautiful and made every girl envious of her. Every guy wanted to be with her, but she wasn't interested in any of them. It was only when his green eyes met her blue ones. Harry had fallen for her, but she would only push him away and he'd continue to be persistent. Yet, what he didn't know about were the secrets that lie behind closed doors.


4. Three

Everything had just seemed to fall into place. Every day, Harry would give me a ride back to the apartment and every friday, my mom seemed to "work late." Most days, I'd be home alone and would be doing my homework. Other days, I'd be hanging out with Liam or Niall; sometimes both. I found it absurd that people thought I was dating both of them, but I'd ignore those people.

Harry, I hardly hung out with after school since he'd spend those hours with his new girlfriend or his friends. There was a school dance coming up. It was homecoming. A month of school had already flown by so fast. Every girl were scrambling to find a date. "I've been to every school dance and they're all the same." I said with a sigh.

Liam, Niall, and I sat at our usual table in the cafeteria. I looked around at all the girls asking guys to be their dates. Liam and Niall were each hoping for a girl to ask them. “You both should grow some balls and ask a girl yourself.” I suggested, then giggled at their reaction. “Wait, have you two been asked to a dance by a girl?”

They both shook their heads and told me that the girls would never approach them. I was a bit confused by their statement. Liam and Niall were both cute guys. They were also sweet and fun to be around. Why wouldn’t a girl want to go to a dance with them? “They’re just all about asking Harry.” Liam said, answering the question in my mind.

Sometimes I feel that Liam could read minds or he’s just good at reading facial expressions. “Harry doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment.” Niall added. I turned towards Niall and asked him why. Niall shrugged and continued to eat his lunch. “That’s a first.” I muttered under my breath.

“Yeah, the first in high school history.” Liam said. While the three of us ate our lunch, I watched as Harry got up from his seat and make his way over to our table. “Why is he walking over here?” Niall asked. I just shrugged and took a sip of my drink.

Harry sat down right beside me and placed his arms on the table. He leaned forward so it seemed like he had completely blocked Liam and Niall out of the picture, then turned his attention towards me. “Have a date to homecoming?” he asked me.

I looked at Liam and Niall, then turned my attention towards him. “Yes, I do. I asked Liam in class this morning.” I smiled, then got up from my seat and walked away as the smile slowly faded.

I knew he was following right behind me. I could hear his foot steps catching up with me. He grabbed my arm and stopped me from reaching the entrance. I turned to look at his hand placement and into his eyes. “You’re lying.” he said.

I furrowed my eyebrows and shook my head. “No, I’m not.” Liam and Niall had followed us. They were both standing behind Harry. His eyes searched mine for answers and I just continued to hold my gaze until he released his grip. He stormed off as a few people watched him walk by. “You know you lied to him, right?” Liam motioned to Harry over his shoulder.

“Seven-thirty this Saturday?” I asked him.

Liam smiled, “Sure, I’ll see you then.”

“What about me?” Niall asked.

“You can come along too. I can’t go to homecoming without my best friends.” I smiled as the bell finally rang to signal lunch was over. The three of us parted ways and I walked out the front entrance, then saw my mom’s car waiting out front.

That’s odd. I thought to myself and walked up to my mom’s car, then got in. “Hey honey. I got off of work early. What do you want to do today?” she asked me with a smile. I recognized that smile and rolled my eyes. “What happened?” I asked her.

“Nothing, now buckle up.” she answered. I buckled myself in and she drove down the street. I told her about homecoming that was happening on Saturday and she immediately drove to the mall.

Eventually my mom was going to tell me about what happened with her [ex] boyfriend. We arrived at the mall and entered one of the stores. I picked out a few dresses and then after trying them on, I finally decided on one. We bought the dress and drove back to the apartment.

I saw the blue Camaro sitting out in the parking lot before we entered the building. As soon as the elevator doors opened, Harry was getting out. Our eyes locked only for a short moment and then he walked away as my eyes followed him out.

​I entered the elevator with my mom when she questioned me about who he was. "He's the guy that's been driving me home from school." I told her. I still was afraid to tell her that he was our neighbor. I didn't want my mom to meet Harry.

Later that evening, I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened earlier. Why would Harry ask me to homecoming if I constantly turn him away? Why would he go through the trouble of asking a girl who’s not interested in going with him? I wondered if he liked me and didn’t want to admit it. I sighed and rolled my eyes as I shook my head. I doubted that he did. There were a lot of other girls who were willing to go with him.

When Saturday came around, I was dressed and ready to go for homecoming. At seven-thirty, Liam picked me up in his car and drove to the school. “You look beautiful.” he smiled as we both got out after he parked the car in the lot. I blushed and thanked him as we walked towards the gym entrance. Niall was waiting for us near the snack table. Of course he was munching on something to eat while waiting for us. “It’s about time you two got here.” Niall said. “Wow, Stella, you look incredible.”

I thanked him and just smiled. I was glad to be in the company of my two best friends. The night was just about perfect. A few guys looked towards my direction and whispered words to one another. “Hey Stella, you should ditch those friends of yours and dance with one of us.” A guy said. I rolled my eyes at him.

Vince Cooper was the captain of the football team and girls were head over heels in love with him. He was broad shouldered, had brown hair that was slightly spiked, and piercing blue eyes. Yeah, he was a good looking guy but in comparison to guys I've been with and seen, he doesn't stand a chance.

“I don’t dance with assholes like you, okay?” I said, grabbing Liam’s hand and pulled him out to the dance floor. Vince and his buddies watched me dance with Liam. His eyes blazed with jealousy, but I ignored him. “I didn’t think I’d come to homecoming this year.” Liam confessed.

“Hey, homecoming isn’t about getting dates. It’s about having fun with your friends.” I smiled. Niall wasn’t out on the dance floor with us, but was chatting up a storm with one of the girls from the cheerleading team. It was the same girl I had seen Harry with on the first day of school. “Who’s Niall talking to?” I looked over in Niall’s direction as Liam turned his head.

“That’s April. She’s the head cheerleader and Harry’s ex-girlfriend.” Liam replied. Niall and April were laughing. I assumed that they were either having fun or talking about Harry. “Is she nice?” I asked. Liam shrugged and told me that he didn’t really know April very well. Suddenly, everything happened within seconds. My eyes had locked with the familiarity of green ones and I knew who had entered the gym. I swallowed and looked at Liam. His eyes had followed my gaze over to where he was.

Harry wore a white dress shirt with a bow tie, black blazer, and black pants. His hair was messy, as usual. He had come alone, without a date. I had the sudden urge to walk over to him, but I didn’t want to leave Liam’s side. I looked up into Liam’s eyes and they told me to stay away.

“May I cut in?” Harry appeared beside Liam and I with a smile on his face. Liam looked at me and I gave him a look which meant that I was going to be okay. Liam cautiously walked away from Harry and I. I saw the smirk on Harry’s face and rolled my eyes. “What are you doing here?” I asked him.

“Pestering me with questions already?” He stifled a laugh and slightly shook his head. “I didn’t even get the chance to compliment how beautiful you look tonight. Blue is certainly your color.” 

I rolled my eyes, not even thanking him for the compliment. A slow song began to play and everyone partnered up to dance to the song. He held out his hand towards me and smiled, “Can I have this dance?” I looked at his hand and then took it.

He pulled me close towards him as he placed a hand on the square of my back. It was seemingly gentleman-like. He brought my arm up around his neck and I naturally linked my arms together. He placed his hands on my waist, then inched them closer together so that our bodies were almost touching.

In the light, I could see his eyes glisten. It was the way the light danced like fire in his eyes. I saw the same smoldering look in his eyes from a time that happened to me in the past. What was it about the kind of guy that Harry was that made me suddenly curious about him? He seemed to keep such a low-profile for a popular guy. Did he have secrets too? What was it about his egotistical nature that made him date countless numbers of girls?

I assumed that he had questions about me and the way I act around guys. I have been with many guys in the past, but none like Harry. For a moment, it felt like Harry and I were the only two people in the entire room. Everyone just seemed to disappear. I hardly noticed the way he leaned into kiss me, but before his lips could touch mine, I pushed him away and shook my head. I quickly walked out of the gym and left him again.

“Stella! Stella, wait!” I heard Harry’s voice behind me and I began to run.

“Come back here!” His voice called out after me. I ran and only turned my head once to see that he was still behind me. I ran out of the house. I didn’t know where else to go. There was darkness all around me and there weren’t many street lamps lined on the sidewalk. He called out again and I continued to run. Everywhere hurt. My sides, my legs, and yet, I kept running. I stopped when I thought that I was safe, but I knew I wasn’t. I would never be safe from him.

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