Dark Horse

Harry Styles, a well-known flirt, was a popular guy in school. He simply charmed his way through all four years and was never seen without a girl under his arm. Every girl would swoon at the sight of him, all but one. Stella was the new girl with a secret no one knew about. She was beautiful and made every girl envious of her. Every guy wanted to be with her, but she wasn't interested in any of them. It was only when his green eyes met her blue ones. Harry had fallen for her, but she would only push him away and he'd continue to be persistent. Yet, what he didn't know about were the secrets that lie behind closed doors.


11. Ten

It was the week of prom and every girl was once again scrambling to find dates. "How can you possibly be calm at a time like this?" April asked as she sat beside Niall. Both of them sat across from me. Liam joined the table along with Lauren. Prom reminded me of the night I spent with Zayn during junior year.  Those memories still haunted me.

"You have to win Prom Queen. If Zayn wins Prom King, you two will be the most adorable couple there." Alaina smiled. Alaina was one of my best friends and the only other person I trusted besides Zayn. She and I were getting ready for prom that night since it started at 8pm. I rolled my eyes and smiled, "You think we'll both win?" I asked and she nodded.

At the time, I didn't know the plans Zayn had in store for me. "I have a date." I told April and suddenly she became wide-eyed. I let out a light chuckle, then she asked who my date was but I didn't say a word. I knew that she was going to be curious, they all were curious.

"You have to tell us." Lauren smiled. I shook my head and just smiled as Harry joined our table. "What are you guys talking about?" He asked as he sat beside me. My friends and Harry got along after some persuasion that Harry wasn't a complete asshole.

"Stella here won't tell us who her date is to prom." April motioned towards my direction. Harry looked at me and smiled, "Is that so? Who knew a guy would have the courage to ask you to prom? Though, I feel that he is in store for rejection."

I knew Harry was teasing me as I rolled my eyes. "Harry Styles is suddenly curious?" I asked with a smirk.

The bell rang and we all parted ways. "I'm surprised that they didn't catch on yet. I thought we made it obvious." Harry smiled as we got into his Aston Martin. I buckled myself in as he started the car. "They'll know when they see us walk in together at prom." I smiled as he drove to the apartment building.

He parked the car in the lot and we walked into the building together, hand in hand. We just didn't want anyone at the school know that we were together, but they assumed that we were dating because Harry hadn't been with a single girl since his break up with Jaime.

We rode the elevator to our floor and stepped out, then walked down the hallway. "Come over for dinner?" He asked with playful, child-like eyes. I smiled and nodded, then kissed his lips.

Every night since Valentine's day, Harry and I would go over to Harry's apartment and we'd have dinner. Afterwards, we'd part ways in the hallway. On the fridays when my mom was out on her date with her new boyfriend, Harry and I would watch movies at my apartment.

Saturday. It was the night of prom and I was getting ready with the girls at April's house. Niall and Liam were going to pick us up while Harry was going to meet me at the venue where prom was being held.

"Still not ready to tell us who your date is yet?" Niall asked as we all got into the car. Liam drove to the venue and parked his car in the lot. "You're in for a surprise." I smiled as we all got out of the car. I told everyone to go inside while I wait for my date.

They nodded and headed inside. Not long after, Harry had driven up and parked his car in the lot. He stepped out, dressed in a tuxedo with a bow tie. The bow tie suited him well. "Ready to make everyone envious of us?" He asked with a smirk, holding out his arm towards me.

"I think they already are." I linked my arm with his as we entered the building. We walked to the ballroom where music was already being blasted as it sounded through the hallways. As soon as we entered, suddenly there were eyes on us.

I didn't mind being the center of attention, but I let out a chuckle as I saw the surprised looks on our friends' faces. "No… way." Lauren and April stared at us when we approached them. Liam and Niall were just staring at me, even though they had dates.

I knew they had every opportunity to stare because of the dress that I was wearing. "Keep your eyes on your own dates. Thank you." Harry, of course, noticed the boys staring.

"Why didn't you tell us?" April asked once they pulled me away from Harry's side. Harry and the guys were talking with another group who were also friends of Harry's. "I wanted to keep it a secret. Besides, I don't think you two would approve." I answered.

"Still, it's Harry Styles. You two will be the talk of the night." Lauren said.

"Yeah! What if you two win Prom King and Queen?" April questioned.

"The nominees for Prom King are: Lance Peterson, Chad Kingsley, and Zayn Malik." The three boys walked up to the stage and positioned themselves side by side. The student that read their names was given a card to reveal who the winner was.

"And the winner for Prom King is… Zayn Malik!" The crowd roared as the crown was placed on Zayn's head. Zayn was a nominee for the senior class and I, a nominee for the junior class. Still, we would be King and Queen [if I won].

Alexa Briggs was the Prom Queen for the senior class. She was on the varsity volleyball team. She was beautiful too. The tiara was placed on her head and then the two of them stepped aside to announce the Prom Prince and Princess.

Reid Oliver was the winner for Prom Prince. He was a blond haired boy and was on the varsity wrestling team. If I hadn't been with Zayn, I would've gone after Reid instead. "The nominees for Prom Princess are: Rachel Kingsley, Erin Meyers, and Stella Taylor."

Rachel and Chad Kingsley were the richest students in the school. Their parents would pay some serious cash to get them into the best colleges. "And the nominee for Prom Princess is…" My heart pounded against my chest as I stood on the stage along with the other two girls.

I prayed to god that I didn't win. "Stella Taylor." My name was suddenly called and I found myself walking forward as a tiara was placed on my head. From the crowd I saw Zayn smirk.

"Stel? Stella? Earth to Stella?" A hand waved in front of my face as I shook my head and blinked at who was trying to catch my attention. "Sorry." I muttered under my breath to April and Lauren.

"What's going on?" Lauren asked.

I shook my head and told them that it was nothing. After dancing, it was time to announce the nominees. This time, they were starting with the nominees for Prom Prince and Princess. My heart pounded against my chest. I needed some air.

I walked out of the room and sat down in one of the chairs. Harry had followed me out and sat down. "Is everything okay?" he asked. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders as he rubbed my arm. At least he was trying to comfort me.

"Let me show you how a king treats his queen." Zayn's voice appeared in my mind once again as I closed my eyes. I could picture the event that happened that night. His eyes were black as night, cold. He was naked before me.

I could picture his tattoos lined up on his right arm, mostly. There were smaller ones in various areas. "Allie Sawyer!" The name for Prom Princess was announced. I guess I was too busy focusing on the voice in my head to hear the male's name being called.

"C'mon, they're announcing Prom King!" April walked out. Harry stood up and helped me to my feet. I followed them inside the ballroom. "I know you're enjoying it baby. Let me hear your moan." Zayn's voice again appeared in my mind.

I stood beside Liam and clutched his arm. He looked at me with his concerned eyes. I just nodded to let him know that I was alright. "The nominees for Prom King are: Vince Cooper, Dean Samuels, and Harry Styles." The guys walked on stage and the student who read the names was now given the card.

"You're a filthy whore. Just like your mom." I couldn't seem to get Zayn's voice out of my head. I wanted to scream at him and tell him that I'm nothing like my mom. Yet, I was put into a different situation now. Zayn wasn't here.

"Harry Styles!" Harry's name was called as the winner for Prom King. Everyone in the crowd whooped and hollered. The crown was placed on his head as he joined us on the floor. "Congrats." I threw him a smile and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Next the nominees for Prom Queen were being called. April and I were nominated, along with a girl named Danica. "And the winner for this year's Prom Queen is…" I barely heard my name being called, but I felt April nudge me forward.

I won? A tiara was placed on my head and I looked out in the crowd to see everyone clapping for me. I saw Harry who had the same smirk Zayn had on that night. I swallowed as I proceeded to get off the stage and joined Harry to the traditional slow dance.

After prom, I went home with Harry. Winning Prom Queen dawned on me because everything had happened so fast. "Stella, you seem distracted." Harry said as he parked the car in the lot. I looked at him and shook my head. "I'm not distracted." I told him.

We got out of the car and I hurried to the elevator. Harry had barely caught up to me when I stepped into the elevator. The doors closed and Harry stopped the elevator. "Harry, people are-" Harry's lips pressed against mine as he forcibly pushed me against the wall of the elevator.

I knew what was happening. I turned my head and said, "Harry. Harry, stop." His lips were against my neck as one hand began to trail up under my dress. I felt his hand on my thigh as he caressed it gently.

He was suddenly being so rough with me. "Harry, ow-" He gently bit my neck and I'm sure he left a mark there, but I was more focused on trying to push Harry away. I did the best that I could do and kicked him.

The elevator resumed to climb to the fourth floor. I got out and went to down the hallway to my apartment. I slammed the door behind me after I entered and locked the door. "Stella!" The pounding on the door began. "Stella, I'm sorry!"

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I sank to the floor and hugged my knees to my chest. "I don't know what came over me. Stella!" He called out. The door handle jiggled and I cried even more. I knew it was going to happen the moment I saw the smirk on his face.

I stood up and opened the door to see him stand in front of me. "I thought you were different Harry. You, out of all people… Don't ever talk to me again." I slammed the door in his face and went straight to my room.

I did what I knew had to be done. I was going to move. I was going to tell my mom everything. I began to pack my clothes. I put everything in the empty boxes. The next morning, I was going to tape them.

A picture of Harry and I sat on the dresser. I threw it into the empty trash bin as a thin line split down the middle. I was going to leave Los Angeles. I was going to leave the one city I thought would change my life. I was going to leave Los Angeles for the same reason I left the others.

I was going to leave and never come back. Even though I was going to leave my friends, it was going to hurt me more than it would hurt them but I had to leave. By midnight, everything had died down.

My mom came back from her date and she instantly knew what happened without me having to explain what it is. "Where to this time?" She asked me as if it had now become a routine. I didn't say another word, but just broke out in tears before my mom.

Even though my mom and I hardly got along, she was always going to be there for me. She reached out and pulled me into a tight hug. For the first time in a long time, I was grateful to have my mom with me. Otherwise, I would be lost.

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