Dark Horse

Harry Styles, a well-known flirt, was a popular guy in school. He simply charmed his way through all four years and was never seen without a girl under his arm. Every girl would swoon at the sight of him, all but one. Stella was the new girl with a secret no one knew about. She was beautiful and made every girl envious of her. Every guy wanted to be with her, but she wasn't interested in any of them. It was only when his green eyes met her blue ones. Harry had fallen for her, but she would only push him away and he'd continue to be persistent. Yet, what he didn't know about were the secrets that lie behind closed doors.


20. Nineteen

"Stella! Stella, open the door!" A voice called out from behind the door. I opened the door and there Liam stood. "What-"

"It's Niall, no, it's April." He said. I wondered how he had gotten here so fast. "April?" I asked, suddenly worried about my best friend. "She and Niall…car accident." Of course he was breathless and I figured he ran to get her from where he parked the car. "What?" I was frantic now.

"We have to go to the hospital, now." he said. I nodded and followed him out to his car. We got out as soon as we arrived at the hospital. We entered the hospital and acquired some of the information about our friends' room numbers. Niall was in 317 and April was in 320.

"You should go see them, I'll inform Harry." I told Liam.

"Are you sure?" I simply nodded and he kissed the top of my head before stepping into the elevator. I took out my phone and called Harry. After five rings, it went straight to voicemail. Frustrated, I hung up and tried again.

On the sixth try, Harry finally picked up. "Why do you keep calling me?" he asked.

"It's Stella."


"Niall and April our in the hospital. They were just in a car accent." I said.

"How are they?"

"I have no idea. I sent Liam to go and see them."

"Tell him to call me about their condition." He said and hung up. That was the longest conversation we've had since I moved back to LA. I figured that it'd be the only conversation we would have together.

I stepped into the elevator and exited on the third floor. I walked into April's room and sat down. She was awake. "Hey." I smiled. She gave me a small smile, which was enough for me. She had a broken left arm and a few bruises, but she looked fine to me.

I was more worried about Niall. "How's Niall?" she asked. I told her that Liam was seeing him. She had sad eyes and I knew that she was just as worried as I. "I hope he's okay." she said. The door opened and Liam stepped in, then closed the door. "How's he doing?" I asked him.

"He's bruised in a few areas, around his rib cage and his right leg is broken. He'll be fine. I mean, after all that, he managed to crack a few jokes." Typical Niall was my instant thought. "I swear, he's always making jokes no matter what the situation was."

"Harry told me that you should call him." I told Liam. He nodded and stepped out of the room to call Harry, leaving me alone with April. "How are you and Harry?" April asked as I took a seat near her bed.

I shook my head and sighed, "Not well. He bought me a house though and we hardly spoke since I moved back here. The call about you two was the last call I made to him."

"Hey, cheer up Stel. You and Harry will be together again. I have faith in both of you." she smiled.

"You do?" I asked her.

"Yeah. I know I've dated Harry, but I've never seen him happier. With other girls, he's just perverted and a total flirt. With you, he's Harry. I mean, I've never seen that side of him before. Maybe, he's just kept it for so long and waited for the right girl to come along.

"He really loves you Stel. He's told me himself a few times when you guys weren't talking. Yeah, we talk but you know he and I are friends. He's a good match for you Stel, you two compliment each other."

April was right about Harry. Liam walked back into the room and told us that Harry was getting on a flight to come to LA as soon as possible. "Give me your keys, I'll pick him up." I told Liam. It took me ten minutes to persuade Liam to give me his keys. "Thank you. I'll give them back."

Harry's plane was landing at 10:45pm. It was 9:15pm. I got in Liam's car and drove to the airport parking garage. I stepped out of the car and walked into the airport. What was I to do for another hour? I asked myself and sat down in one of the chairs surrounding the baggage claim.

Somehow I managed to bide myself sometime as people were walking through the baggage claim. I caught sight of Harry who had seen me before I saw him. "Thought Liam was going to be here with you." Harry said as we walked outside to the parking garage.

"He's back at the hospital with Niall and April." I told him, getting into the car. He put his bag in the back seat and slid into the passenger seat. The roles were now reversed. Usually, it was me in the passenger seat and Harry was the one driving.

I started the car and drove down the highway back to the hospital. The ride was silent on the way there. We were both quietly listening to the soft hum of the engine. Why did things have to be awkward between us now? I didn't like this feeling one bit.

I parked the car in the lot as we arrived at the hospital. We got out of the car and entered the elevator. Arriving at the third floor, we stepped out. Harry was greeted by Liam and entered Niall's room.

I sat down in one of the chairs outside of the rooms. Liam sat down beside me and I was thankful that he was keeping me company. Harry walked out of Niall's room and went to see April. I entered Niall's room and saw that he was sitting up in bed.

"Long time no see." Niall smiled. "I'd give you a hug, but I can't physically move without hurting."

"It's okay Niall." I smiled, then sat down in the chair beside the bed. "It's good to see you smiling. You had me worried there for a second."

"I was worried too. I thought both of my legs were going to be broken, the way the truck crushed the car. Is April alright?" Niall and April were both worried about each others' well-being. I was glad the two have found each other that night at homecoming.

"Yeah, she's fine. She's worried about you."

"When I get better, I'll go and see her." Niall said. "I talked to Harry."

"I know." I looked down and wondered what the two of them were having a conversation about. Maybe they were just sharing a laugh with each other. "He misses you Stel."

"He does?"

"He only talked about you when he came in here. I figured you knew."

"I didn't."

Liam walked into the room and asked me if I was ready to go home. I nodded and bid Niall goodbye, then went to April's room to tell her goodbye. "Remember what I told you Stel." she said.

"I won't forget. I promise." I smiled, then got into the elevator with Liam. Harry was waiting in the main lobby. The three of us walked to Liam's car and got in. The car ride wasn't as silent as I let Liam and Harry catch up.

I mostly kept to myself in the back seat and looked out the window. Liam stopped in front of my house and I thanked him for the ride, then got out of the car. As I walked up the driveway, I heard footsteps following behind me.

I turned to see that Harry was following behind me. It reminded me the first day I discovered that he and I were neighbors back at the apartment. I stopped in front of the door and turned to face him. "Why are you following me?" I asked.

"It's my house too." He took out a key and slipped into the lock, then entered the house. I followed behind him and locked the door behind us. Yes, of course he bought this house for the both of us. "So, the Audi in the garage-"

"It's yours." He interrupted, setting his back in the master bedroom. I followed him inside as he began to take off his shoes. "Everything in this house is yours, except for the bits and pieces of furniture, those are mine."

He slipped off his jacket and then his shirt as I looked away for a moment. "You can look, you know." I could feel a smirk at the end of the sentence. I turned around to see him enter the bathroom and close the door behind him.

At least for now, I could breathe. I pulled out a tank top and shorts from the dresser. I had changed out of my clothes when Harry stepped out of the bathroom wearing only a towel wrapped around his hips.

"Your turn." He smirked. I rolled my eyes and entered the bathroom, then locked the door. It was so weird being in the same house as Harry. Why did he seem so calm and suddenly playful? I slightly shook my head and stripped down, then stepped into the shower.

I let the warm water wash over my body, but I was still tense. I dried myself off and put on my clothes, then exited the bathroom. Harry was now wearing some flannel pants and got into bed. "You are not sleeping here." I said.

"Why not? It's my room." He rested his hands behind his head and smiled. I rolled my eyes and grabbed a pillow. I grabbed a blanket from the storage room and walked out into the living room to sleep on the couch.

"Giving me the silent treatment, are you?" He called from down the hallway as I managed to get comfortable on the couch. "Have it your way." I heard the door close and now I could sleep in peace.

The next morning I awoke to the smell of bacon. I sat up and stretched out my arms. "Morning princess." Harry brought out two plates of food as he set it on the dining table. I entered the dining room and sat down at the table. He had made breakfast.

"What happened to you?" I asked him.

"What do you mean?" He sat down across from me and began to eat his serving. I furrowed my eyes together and thought about what Niall had told me earlier, but then I remembered that he went to talk to April. "What did you and April talk about?"

He shrugged, "Nothing much. We mostly just talk about everything on the phone, usually about you."

"What about me?"

"Stella, I know you are mad at me but I'm willing to make things right between us. I'm only staying for a few days and then I'm going back to New York. So, whatever you need to tell me, tell me now or don't say anything-"

"I love you."

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