Books, Coffee and Olaf

Prince Hans of the Southern Isles is to be punished to death until the Queen Elsa herself decided another punishment instead. A much more humiliating punishment to be exact.

And that is to be Olaf’s storyteller.
Witness Hans as he read stories for Olaf and at the same time win someone’s heart. But the question is whose?


1. Prologue - Something Good and Something Bad

[SONG FOR THIS CHAPTER: COFFEE’S FOR CLOSERS by FALL OUT BOY] “ ....Queen Elsa. She’s here.” One of the vendors whispered to I guess another vendor. I looked at the small peek hole on the wooden barrel I’m squeezed in. I blinked once to help my eyes adjust with the light at the vegetable market. Unfortunately, only a small portion of what I can see outside this barrel is available. So I need to blink and adjust my eyes a few more times to focus on a figure of what I guess is the queen herself. I gulped and changed my position to get a better look at the figure. After a few more adjustments, I finally knew it was none other than what I’m afraid of. Elsa. I panicked but then stopped as I controlled my breathing pattern. It’s not that I have asthma or some sickness of the lungs but instead I’m having this weird feeling that something bad and at the same time something good will happen today. I sighed and peeked at the queen once more. Unfortunately, I can only see a man or a woman-I am not so sure-pointing at my direction and to be specific, my barrel. I gasped loudly which made the man walk towards me and slowly removed the purple cloth that covered the opening of the barrel the entire time I hid. The man after successfully removing the cloth pointed at me. Directly at me. Not the barrel but I myself. I’m still squeezed inside the barrel because to be honest, there’s nothing better to do at this point. I huffed out a sigh and prayed for the best that the feeling I had ago will happen. I mean at least after something bad happens an act of something good will replace it. I heard boots squeaking and decided to peek one last time through the hole. I only saw boots but felt a hand grab my vest. It was one of her guards. I gasped and then I realized I was at least a foot above the ground. I guess she hires tall guards now. He released his hand which caused me a bruise on my left knee. But I knew better than complaining about it so I just let it hidden under my dirty peasant clothes. I scanned the crowd around me. I can see Anna, her boyfriend Kristoffer and Queen Elsa herself. All of them are looking directly at my green orbs. I cleared my throat and continued to scan the crowd as if I just didn’t see the two princesses that should be dead right now. As I was continuing my act, a loud cough broke it. I looked at whoever person possible to cough loudly but then I realized it was just the queen wanting attention. “Good morning Prince Hans. I’ve come here since you don’t want to go to the castle of Arendelle to discuss things privately. And also since a lot of the villagers said that I can meet my killer here at the market.” Killer. That’s it. It’s permanently stuck on my reputation forever. I sighed and nodded since I think that’s the only thing appropriate for a “greeting” like that. The queen smirked. Oh boy something bad is definitely going to happen. “Yes your highness.” I bowed and plastered a fake smile. Just to make them know that I still have a least a pinch of pride left in me. “Shall we start on why aren’t you at the Southern Isles?” She smiled. I gulped. If I did return to Southern Isles my family will torture me not only physically but also emotionally. They will destroy all of my possessions. They will let my cousins from the land of Corona to burn my room. They will not allow food or even water to reach me. They will kill me. “Is there something wrong with what I said Prince Hans?” The queen asked, still with a nasty smirk on her face. I shook my head and pretended that everything was right. But she knew better. “Are you sure? You don’t look like you’re fine to me. Are you sick?” I smiled once again. “Because you’re sweat doesn’t agree with you.” She smirked. My eyes widen and I immediately touched my forehead only to feel nothing. There was no sweat. She tricked me. The queen tricked me. Some villagers giggled and some laughed aloud including Princess Anna and Kristoffer. “Ah Prince Hans. So you’ve been lying to me. Do you know what happens when the villagers or even when the servants lie?” She said as she walked in circles around my still body. I gulped “What happens when the villagers lie?” “Oh I don’t know. Maybe a punishment not as painful as execution but as humiliating as-“She paused and leaned to my right ear. “being at a market and suddenly realizing that the victim tricked the killer with a simple lie.” My heart beat went faster. It was pumping more blood than it normally does. I tried to control my breathing pattern but it was too late. I’m panicking. Although I am still standing with my arms on the sides and my head tilted at the right angle. I don’t want the queen to know that I was affected by her trick. Even though I can feel real sweat running down my forehead. She continued to walk in circles like she did before. I looked at my shoes and prayed once again. I’m still hoping for that feeling to happen. I’m still hoping. “You see Prince Hans, we don’t take murderers like you easily. Especially if the victim was royalty. It means a bigger punishment. A-“ “Just say execution” I cut her off with a smirk. She needs to know that I still got my cocky side to hide the humiliation and pressure I experienced after mentioning my abusive family and a stupid trick that I fell for. “Does a psycho like you need to interrupt a queen when she’s speaking?” “Do you even know the meaning of psycho because a person who had been locked up for the rest of her life might not know what a psycho mea-Oh wait you are one psychopath.” I smirked. It’s one of the things I’m good at. Fencing and playing a role of an evil prince. “I am an intelligent person. That’s why I’m a queen and you aren’t” The crowd laughed once again making me feel humiliated. I made a ‘tss’ sound. “It’s because you are the only one Arendelle is left. Besides, it’s not like I’m dumb. To be honest I am excellent when it comes to strategies and making plans about things a psychopath doesn’t care about.” “Are you sure about that Prince Hans? Because I can definitely tell that you failed your plan to rule Arendelle.” “Says who?” I said feeling confident. “Your family back in the Southern Isles.” She smirked. “They said they are happy to have you back.” My heart raced again but this time I can control it. Although my mouth was agape and I can feel my body colder than before. The dark experiences with my family is my weakness and she knew it. She was pushing all my buttons. And this one is like the big button that needs to be pushed. She was making me feel miserable and guilty. I tried to put my cocky smile back and pretended that it didn't affect me but my heart and my mind collapsed instead. It’s like they stopped for a moment and went to process things again. Just to make sure that I can still handle all this. I can feel my eyes moisten and I know any minute from now a tear while escape my eyes and run on my cheeks. She looked at me and noticed that I am on my edge of crying, of giving up. Her face softened. She knew her killer is finally loosening his pride. She knew she had control of the murderous beast. Of me. “Is execution my punishment Elsa?” I mumbled. A tear drops on the ground. She opened her mouth to say something but decided not to. I sighed. It’s pretty obvious it is execution. She looked at me the same way as before. “No it’s not. Believe me it’s not.” My eyes widen. She’s not going to execute me. The queen of Arendelle is not going to execute me? “What is my punishment then?” “Prince Hans meet Olaf.” A snowman with a cloud above his frozen head walked towards me. “Hi I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs” Olaf chimed happily. I moved a step backward. I have never seen a walking snowman in my whole life. Yet a talking one too. The snowm-I mean Olaf offered his hand for a shake but my head shook for a disapproval nod. “Don’t worry I don’t bite. It’s not like I have teeth.” “Olaf you have a tooth. A big one to be exact.” Kristoffer corrected. I stepped forward and shook his delicate hand. It almost fell apart but I gladly put it back on. I smiled at Olaf and wiped my cheek afterward. “So what is it then?” The Queen smirked. “Olaf this is your new storyteller.” Crap.
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