The Vampire Survival

Three best friends, Bree, Hannah and Vicky.
Have supernatural powers,

just read more to find out. . . . .


3. chap3:blood hits us hard

hannahs (pov)

"WHY YO WISPERING WOMEN" i yell cas ima loud girllllll

"I DONT KNOW WHY YO YELLING" bree yells back moking me

"hahahaha'' killa says "you so craycray'' he says in the worst girly voice ever

i look back at my screen trying to push down my thirst for blood 

i can smell vampire blood in there thats .... hmmmmm 

i turn up my dubstep to distract me '' soo why did you climb through our

window " says vick says '' wellllllllll'' david drags on the word '' shush young man"

he makes an :O face and slowly turns to me i start to giggle and fall to the floor 

spilling my guts out '' omg hannah SHOW SOME RESPECT " bree says-yells "hehe'' 

i giggle "so im gessing yous are vamps cas your smell" david says 

"yo you saying i SMELL" i yell and then snap my fingers in a z form

i start to smell the blood again its so strong 

why must i be so week around blood 

im never gona be a nurse

i look at killa and he looks at me and i think 

he knows whats gona happen

he steps back slowly my eyes trun a bright purple 

"hannah" bree says worningly david steps in front ov killa 

"shit gona get down''vicky says



by the one the only 007 

hope you like!!!

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