The Vampire Survival

Three best friends, Bree, Hannah and Vicky.
Have supernatural powers,

just read more to find out. . . . .


8. Chap 8: Getting to know the Boys

Bree's POV

"So... Why are you guys here anyways?" I said trying to sound casual without my curiosity showing. "Well.." He whispered, it sounds like he was thinking, thinking of a way to say it? I read his mind and he was trying to figure out how to tell me. As I thought so.


"My I guess I should say, 'community' of my vampire group was destroyed.." He said shrugging. "How?..." I whispered putting my hand on his leg and looking him straight in the eye to see his worry. "The enemy group found us, and they blew up our groups area." He said and finally looked up at me creating our eye contact. "Oh..." I said with a bit of shock.


"Me, Hannah and Vicky aren't in groups, we're I guess I can say it as 'freerunners'." I replied to him. He nodded, "So.. How'd you find Killer?" I asked most politely as I could. "Well.. I bumped into him since I'm pretty sure I was one out of like 15 survivors from the explosion. Our group had 500 members, Just about how we met as that I was hunting in the nearby forest of where the explosion happened because I was hungry. And I found one of the enemy members killing a human.. Drinking their blood.. dry clean from their body, I attacked the enemy member and managed to kill them with no problems. The human was dying.. I had to turn him I had no choice. I made sure he was safe until he recovered a bit then he told me his name and how he got found by the enemy members, he knows I'm a vampire." he said, I didn't miss a word out of what he said, I was curious of how they met each other.


"Wow..." I said with shock, "I know, I know. It was rough.." He said putting his hand over mine. He smiled and me and I did the same back to him. "At least you're both fine." I said smiling at him, "Yeah... it was fairly hard.." He said shrugging.


I leaned over to him, and hugged him.

"You both will be safe with us." I whispered.




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