The Vampire Survival

Three best friends, Bree, Hannah and Vicky.
Have supernatural powers,

just read more to find out. . . . .


7. Chap 7: Trustworthiness

Bree's POV

This whole situation confused me, Hannah finding someone.. How did she control herself from the blood frenzy? I glared at her for a second until picking up the truth, because well, I'm a mind reader. She loves him, as she told me, but her.. her mind is picking that up and telling her don't hurt him, save him.


I start walking off knowing Hannah knows what she's doing, David and Killer follow me back to our apartment. "Wha-whats going on?" Killer exclaimed, "She loves him. Her mind was telling her to save him and not to hurt him. Which means the blood frenzy disables inside of her body." I said and nodded then shrugged. "Oh.." David whispered and nodded his head.


When we got back in our apartment and I sat on the couch to watch some TV. I flicked to my favorite channel and watched it, about 10 minutes later David came and sat down next to me. "Whatcha doin'?" He said with a smirk. "Just watching TV." I said with a giggle with how he said it. He rapped his arm around me and smiled I smiled back. "This is a good show." He said with his face in a small o, "Ya, I know its my favorite." I said with a grin. 



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