The Vampire Survival

Three best friends, Bree, Hannah and Vicky.
Have supernatural powers,

just read more to find out. . . . .


6. chap 6: im happy to find you part 2

hannah's (p.o.v.)

the guys were yelling at me but i was stuck in my owen

head i-i cant belive it but i think i love him

why did i do that i stuided his face his cute small nose and realy pale skin

some one touched me i turned and hissed my eyes went wide 

and bree gassped "hannah...whaa what happend" "i w-was gus-sed sitting on the window seal

and sour him being hunted and bit i i had to save him i-i l-lo-ve h-him"i say shuddering 

evryone gassped and i looked back at him so-so small

like a little boy he had blood on him but i helled

back and it was alot easyer

i picked him up he started going cold like we all did

tears fell faster now we snuck passed the old lady at the desk

and in to our room i laded him on my bed "he'll be fine it felt like bad but by now

he cant fell it anymore '' i nodded and looked down the boys left to there 

rooms vicky left to eat and bree helped me wipe the blood off him when

we finished i sat next to him 

"when will he come back to you know wake up" i say 

"maby 3 hours " i nodded and looked back at his face

"hannah...i think he's your mate and you saved him so your shadow-kissed"

bree said i started to cry and bree hugged me and cradled me on the floor 

"wh-at if he hates me i cant live with that i-i love him"i say

"he'll have to love you you saved him!" i nodded and slowly fell asleep

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