The Vampire Survival

Three best friends, Bree, Hannah and Vicky.
Have supernatural powers,

just read more to find out. . . . .


5. chap 5: im happy to find you part 1


why must i be so week ugh

stupid teath i want to rip them out i dont

want to be a vampire i look out the window 

i siting on and see a vampire on the street vampires 

aint that rear any more a cute boy waks right into him ooo

you dead 

the vampire grabs him buy the hair and neck the

boy finds my eyes we look at eachother its like a bit in me 


i dont know why but i gumped out the window its only a three story building

i vampire run at them the vampire has already sunk his teath

into his pale nack i lunge at him and bit his neck the 

vampire hisses and maneges to run off

i sink to the floor

and pick up the boy he is dieing from blood loss

theres only one thing i can do turn him

''i-im sorry '' i shudder and carefully bit his neck ingecting venom 

i stop and watch as pain fills his eyes 

vampires have a abnormal eye color iv never seen his thou

thay are turning white? 

"huh" i wisper he looks in to my now purple eyes 

and trys to sit up i lay him back down ''i-i-im sor-ry you'll be ok now'' he looked 

my age 16 he'll forever be 16 he blacked out i cant

belive i gust did that were is vicky and bree an-"HANNAH?" bree yelled 

i hugged the boy he was so light and pale

bree rounded the corner and sour me "omg HANNAH WTF DID YOU DO " vicky yelled tears 

fell down my cheeks

the guys rouned the corner with bree they stoped and were very shocked

i can tell you that

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