The Vampire Survival

Three best friends, Bree, Hannah and Vicky.
Have supernatural powers,

just read more to find out. . . . .


2. Chap 2 : Surprise Guests

Bree's POV

I walk into our apartment, where my two best friends, Hannah and Vicky sit, watching TV. I sit down in between them both and give a slight smirk. Hannah yawns, "Well, I'm going to go to bed and read a book." I say getting up and making my plans. "I'll join you." Hannah says quickly getting up, "I need to redo my nails." Vicky says sprinting in front of us into the room. "Okay then.." I whisper with a giggle. I walk over to me, Hannah and Vicky's room. We all share a room since its a small apartment, we have one guest room with two beds in it but we all prefer sleeping in the same room as each other. I grab my favorite book and sit on my bed and lay on my back and start reading. 


About 10 minutes later I hear scratching at the window and I get up to see who's there. I open the window and two guys come in through the window. They glance around for a few seconds then Vicky ran up, "Hey!!!" She yelled with a huge grin. "I'm Vicky!" She said, "I'm Killer and this is David." one of them said with a slight smile. David nods.


"I'm Bree, and this is Hannah." I said pointing across the room to Hannah sounding out the dubstep music she was listening to. The guys laughed a little then stopped.


One of the guys were staring at me then when I looked at him he looked away quickly. "So.. Why are you guys here?" I whispered



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