The Vampire Survival

Three best friends, Bree, Hannah and Vicky.
Have supernatural powers,

just read more to find out. . . . .


1. Chap 1 : Intro

Meeting The Girls

These girls are like any other, Exciting Fun, Normal Girls as Everyone Else Thinks..

But they don't really know about how they're vampires.. with Supernatural Powers.


Bree's Supernatural Power : Mind Reader & Earth Shifter

Hannah's Supernatural Power : Healer & Fire Controller

Vicky's Supernatural Power : Can Run Faster Than a Normal Vampire


Bree's : @EvoneAllTimeLow

Hannah's : @Iam007sobeatthat


Bree's Appearance : Blood Red Wavy Hair, Fairly Pale Skin, Turquoise Bright Eyes. 

Hannah's Appearance : Medium Brunette Wavy Hair, Natural tanned skin, Glowly purple eyes.

Vicky's Appearance : Pink Curly Hair, Light White Shimmery Skin, Light Blue Eyes.



Hey everyone ! 

I'm EvoneAllTimeLow,

I hope you like this book. c:


Have a great day byyyyee. c;


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