Through The Dark

He was a badboy, that struggled with his emotions. She was a normal teenage girl that was too quiet to commit any kind of crime.


2. Chapter 2: Who Do You Think You Are?

Chapter 2
 Copyright ©2014 Niya J.

I looked down at my shirt, staring into the girl's bathroom mirror. My hair fell into my eyes as I buttoned the last button, leaning down. God, why couldn't I just be perfect. I blew out a puff of air, before yanking my bag off of the tile floor. 

8:00. I sat down in the empty seat, placing my bag on the ground next to the chair. "Love, I would strongly suggest you to move.", a voice whispered, as I got my books out. I raised an eyebrow, "What are you talking about? No one is even sitting here.", I mumbled, flipping through a book.

My eyes scanned the curly haired boy's face. His green eyes landed on me for a minute, doing the same. "Ah, you're new. I'm guessing.", he mumbled. "That's Zayn Malik's seat.", he waited for my reaction, but I just sat there. I guess he thought I would scramble out of the chair, by the mention of his name. "Zayn Malik...?? Never heard of him?", he furrowed his eyebrows, staring at me.

"Some girls have told me things. I just don't judge-"

The door slammed and I jumped. He chuckled, "All hell is about to break lose." He scrambled up from his seat, grabbing his books. "Have fun love." I looked around, seeing that other people were getting their books and leaving too. What was so wrong about this guy? 

"You're in my seat.", a raspy voice spat, making me look up from my book.

"There's no nametag.", I muttered, looking down at my book again. Suddenly, my book was tore from my hands, being chucked across the room. "Listen sweetheart. I'm going to give you one minute to get out of my fucking seat. Or I swear to god, that book won't be the only thing that is thrown across this room.", he snapped, staring down at me with cold eyes.

"It's not your seat!", I snapped, glaring back at him. "I don't give a damn who you are. I don't care if you've killed all of these people in the world, but you will not make me get out this seat, and neither will you do anything to me." 

"Who do you think you are?", he asked, staring at me. "You know nothing about me. Stay out of my way.", he pushed himself off the front of the desk, starting down the stairs again, and I watched him disappear out of the room.

I breathed a sigh of reliefs, feeling the stares go away. The teacher had even remained silent, but she cleared her throat, going on with the lesson.

I pushed the books into my locker, undoing the locket around my neck. It was the locket that my dad gave me, before he died of cancer, sadly. It always seemed to lighten my mood, when I thought of him. But he cared when I was young, not when I got older.

"That was one shitty thing to say to him.", Harry said, leaning to the side of my locker. 

"Well, I wasn't going to let him talk to me in anyway.", I mumbled, turning to him.

"That's the whole point, love. You don't say anything to him. That's why no one sits by him.", he muttered back, crossing his arms. "Look, Rina. I know you are new to this school, but-- There's certain rules that we have. The ones that we created."

"We?", I asked, frowning. 

He hesitated, before stammering out words. "We don't talk to Zayn. We did once, and it was a mistake."

"What happen?", I whispered, curiosity getting the best of me, and i wanted to know more.

"Later.", he shrugged, looking behind him. "Look, I have to go. I'll see you at lunch, I think.", he pushed himself off the locker, leaving me there. 

My eyebrows rose, hearing the grunts and moans that were coming from inside of the door. I slowly turned the doorknob, screaming once I saw the horrifying sight in front of me. Zayn and some other girl. "What the hell are you doing?", he bellowed, tugging on his shirt. I started to walk off, only to have my arm pulled. "I said what the hell are you doing?"

I yanked my hand away, glaring at him. "What the hell was I doing? Look at you. You're the one who's almost naked."

"That's none of your business.", he snapped. He pushed me against the wall, my back hitting stone, hard. "Stay out of my way." He pushed himself off of me, yanking the door open to the janitor's closet and slamming it.

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