Through The Dark

He was a badboy, that struggled with his emotions. She was a normal teenage girl that was too quiet to commit any kind of crime.


1. Chapter 1: Greetings

Chapter 1



 Copyright ©2014 Niya J.






"Hi!", the blonde headed girl chirped, catching my attention. Too happy for me. She held out her hand, "I'm Chloe. The principle sent me to make sure you were okay, you know. With all your classes and stuff.", she gave me a bright smile, rambling on. "I remember when I was new, I was so nervous.", she blushed, her cheeks reddening. 

Goddammit, can she ever be quiet.

"So you going to show me my locker, or.....", I interrupted, rather rudely. She stopped talking and nodded, throwing her blonde hair over her shoulder. "Your locker number is 161. I'm sure you can find it yourself.", she glared at me before walking off towards a group.





I stopped staring up at the large number. 161. About time. I put in the combination, grabbing my books for my classes. Grabbing the crumbled schedule out of my pocket, I scanned down the list. English. Just great. I groaned, crumbling the paper again, this time shoving it in my purse. 

I sat at the back of the class, hoping to get rid of the stares of the people. A woman in her 30s stood in front of the class, smiling at me. Please don't introduce me. Pl-

"Class, this is Rina. Our new student. Please make her feel welcomed.", she exclaimed, and motioned for me to stand up. I stood up, fake smiling. 

Well, that was embarrassing. 


The bell rang, and students started running out of class, a few staying back to pick up their things. I grabbed my bag, slinging it over my shoulder. I opened the door, immediately bumping into a hard shoulder. "Watch where you are going.", he snorted, his british voice ringing in my ears. He didn't bother to help me pick up my books, he just carried on walking. Asshole.

I grabbed my tray, turning around to look for a table. Chloe waved frantically, patting the seat next to her. It is the only seat there is. I sighed, plopping down in the chair next to her. She twirled her hair and began talking. "This is Rina, she's new here."

Dani, Rachel, and Christa introduced themselves to me, giving me a warm smile. "Zayn was so checking me out today. Isn't he gorgeous?", Chloe beamed, smirking. Dani rolled her eyes, "Scary gorgeous, you mean?", she turned to me. "Chloe is into badboys. It's her thing."

I raised my eyebrow. "And Zayn is?"

Rachel looked up. "They say that he has a record. Of doing things.", she stopped there. "Don't ask what, he has a really bad temper." 

"I slept with him, once. I totally had him wrapped around my finger.", Chloe muttered, a grin on her lips. "It just wasn't meant to be." She twirled a finger around her hair again, and turned to me. "Anything happen today?"

I shrugged, grabbing my tray. "Not really. See you later."

I wondered about him. Who was he? What did he look like?


I pulled into the driveway, hopping out of the car, my bag slung over my shoulder. My mum sat on the couch, her face in a newspaper. "Hey hun, how was your day at school?"

"It was alright.", I mumbled, sitting next to her. "Wasn't the best."

She frowned, "You wanna tell me what happened?"

"Nothing that matters.", I pushed the thought away, standing up. "I should probably get up to my room."


I ran up the stairs, pushing my door open to my room. My eyes scanned the pink walls, my eyes widening. Ew... I hate pink. I sighed, groaning. There is no way I'm going to be able to sleep in here.



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