Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


11. Chapter 9

Jessica's POV

I can't believe that bitch. What's her fucking name? Oh yeah Perrie. Gross. She may be pretty, but she has no God damn right to flirt with MY boyfriend! Sucks to be her, cuz me and Zayn had sex last night. Man was he big, and he definitely knew how to pleasure me. 


Clara's POV

We had left the bowling alley and we were gonna go get some lunch at Crazy Lobsters. Interesting name for a restaurant. 

"Can I have clam chowder and a Dr. Pepper, please?" I asked the waiter. His name was Jon and he was ugly, but sweet.

"Sure thing." He responded. Our food came and the first thing Liam did was chuck all the spoons across the restaurant.

"Just another day being a directioner." Katey said sighing annoyed because she had to use a fork to eat her clam chowder. 

"Can I have a bite?" Harry said to me not even waiting for me to respond, just taking my food.

"HEYY THAT'S MY FOOD!!l I screamed at Harry.

"Here you can have it back." He said spitting the soup into his hand.

"Gross. Have it" I said back disgusted.

"Hey, Clara. Last time I went to Catalina I went to this really fun ziplining place. I know exactly where it is. Wanna go?" Eleanor suggested.

"Yesss!" Samantha said answering for me. We all paid and went to the ziplining place. It was only a ten minute drive there, but we had to go on a bus to get up to the mountain that w  we're ziplining from. I sat on Harry's lap the way there. He kept moving his hand up and down my thigh making me so horny! I kept wanting to do it right then and there, but Harry was just tempting me. I whispered fuck you to him, but he just said I know you love me. I nodded as we got off of the bus. There were two girls and two guy instructors who hooked us up with the equipment and got us ready to zip down. 

"Harry can we zip down together?" It was a big drop down, and I thought that it was  gonna be fun to go down with him. 

"Yeah, scaredy cat." 

"I'm not scared! I just wanted to be with you!" I said defending myself.

The lady hooked us up onto the same harness so we could go down together. We were basically connected we were so close together. I could feel him sweating.

"Don't have sex ziplining, you'll loose your clothes." Zayn said screaming at us as we jumped off of the platform. The wind was in my face and it felt so good and refreshing. I looked at Harry and the wind was flowing through his perfect curls outlining his green eyes. He looked hot. I laughed all the way down the zipline from all the fun I was having! 

Everybody had gotten off of the zipline, so we went to see our pictures they had taken of us. Me and Harry were smiling, zayn an  Jessica kissing, Liam and katey hugging, Samantha and Niall hugging, and Louis and Eleanor laughing. We were all perfect couples.

It was starting to get dark, so we went back to get to the hotel. I changed into my pajamas, or my bra and underwear, and waited for Harry. He came out of the bathroom naked. Naked. Naked. Naked. He got into the bed sheets with me and cuddled me into his arms. He kissed my lips while unhooking my bra and sliding down my underwear. He inserted himself, wearing a condom, and pleausred me. 

After we were done, we turned on the television and watched Drake & Josh. I loved that show. Me and Harry were laughing like crazy when we heard moaning. Not just any moaning, but sex moaning coming from Zayn and Jessica's room and Samantha and Nialls room. We looked at each other an  laughed at how ridiculous they sounded, but we probably sounded like that too. I guess we will found out how much  fun they had in the morning. 

Me and Harry snuggled up really close to each other, still naked, and we both peacefully fell asleep in each other's arms. I loved my Harry Styles! <3


************Authors Note**********

It was sooooo hard for me to right this last chapter cuz when I was  in the middle of writing it I found out that I was going to the Kids Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday! I can  wait. Anyways, how did you guys like the last chapter? Comment, like, and favorite! I would be happy to answer any questions you have! Thanks so much for reading!


Stay beautiful


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