Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


10. Chapter 8

"GET OFF OF ME!" I screamed at Katey still not opening my eyes. She was jumping on top of me and trying to wake me up.

"Fine then." She got up and walked away, but three minutes later she smashed a pie with whip cream in my face!

"Fuck you." I whispered to her. Liam had done the exact same to Harry. Maybe Katey and Liam are perfect for each other. I got out of bed and tried to get the pie off my face by licking it. Harry did the same, but he licked the pie off my face, leaving me none, so I ate the pie off of his face. After I was pie free, I got dressed, a bright orange crop top that said :p and blue ripped jean shorts with white sandals. Harry got dressed to, wearing tight skinny jeans probably suffocating him, with a white v neck. Everyone met up in the living room area hand in hand with their boyfriend or girlfriend. I'm pretty sure everyone had sex last night. 

"Can we go bowling?" Jessica said happily.

"Ooooo bowling!" Louis said screaming 

"I guess that settles it." I said.

We all got into the golf cart and used the map to find the nearest bowling alley. It was about 30 minutes away, but the car ride was fun. We joked around and acted like the perverted funny people we were. Once we got there, we all put on bowling shoes and got two lanes. It was th  boys in one lane and the girls in the other, so the athleticness evened out. Before we bowled we ordered brunch. 

"My name is Perrie. I'll be your server. Can I start you guys off with some nachos?" Perrie was blonde and tall. Pretty. She couldn't stop making eye contact with Zayn, and a few times she winked at him obviously flirting. I could tell Jessica was jealous, because she scooted closer to Zayn and gave him a peck on the lips. Perrie stared Jessica down giving her the evil eye, but Jessica just fucked her off with her middle finger.

"Nachos would be great." I said trying to stop the fight between Jessica and  Perrie. Perrie brought us 5 trays of nachos, and then left us alone. I could tell she was pissed that Jessica was with Zayn. 

"I'm hungry! PASS THE FOOD!" Niall demanded 

"Here, better?" Samantha picked  up the tray of nachos next to her and smashed it against Nialls face. 

"Mmmmmmm" Niall said. Her ate every chip that Samantha smashed onto his face making everybody laugh. 

After everybody was done eating, we went bowling! I was up first and knocked down eight pins, and then the other two, giving me a spare.

"I bet I can do better than that." Harry bragged.

"What do you wanna bet?" 

"A kiss." He said.

"Ok... fine!" I said

Harry picked up the Orange bowling ball on the counter and stepped on the platform. He released the ball and all the pins got knocked down. How did he get a fucking strike? Damn it. 

"Someone owes me a kiss." Harry sang. 

"Your right. Close your eyes." He did so and bent down towards me. When our lips were about to meet, I stuck my tongue out and spit all over him.

"Hey! That wasn't nice!" Harry said wiping my spit off his space.

"Haha. I'll pay you back later. I love you." I said apologizing.

"I love you too. But you owe me." He said

We continued our game and the final score for the girls were

Eleanor: 193

Clara: 169

Jessica: 152

Katey: 134

Samantha: 121

The boys: 

Harry: 212

Louis: 204

Niall: 190

Liam: 186

Zayn: 179

The games were pretty close point wise, and they were fun to play. 

"Hey, I have good news!" Liam announced.

"What?" Everyone said in unison.

"Our concerts for this week got cancelled, cuz they needs the arenas for something else! So, we can stay here for a few more nights!" 

Everyone was pleased with the news, when a one direction song came on. It was What Makes You Beautiful. Everybody got up and stood on the table and started screaming the lyrics, the boys singing their solos. It was so fun, and once the song ended everyone was  in tears from laughing so hard. I loved our little group. We were all so funny and got along really well. I had made good friends with Eleanor and we had just met two days ago. She was fun! I love my friends, but I especially love my boyfriend. 

I went up to Harry and gave him a peck on the lips, so I didn't owe him anymore. He stood there wanting more, but I refused and just said "later". I can't wait for the rest of the night.


*********************************Authors Note*********************************

Hi guys! I didn't make this chapter very sexual cuz I wanted it to be fun! What do you think about Perrie? ..... I wanna say thanks to my friends jessijessi7 and 1D_1D_loverswritefanfics for giving me ideas on what to write about. You can follow them on  Twitter  @JessiKhatib and @Sammy_Horanisme you can also follow me on Twitter @_claradirection for any questions about the book. Make sure to comment, like, and favorite my book! I'll update when I have the time. Thanks for reading.


Stay beautiful


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