Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


9. Chapter 7

The casino was already full with people and it was just 8:30. We all walled in together, each holding either their girlfriend's or boyfriend's hand. We had found an empty table at the bar that could fit all of us, so we set out stuff down there. 

"My name is Erika. I'll be your server today. Would you like me to start you guys off with some Bud light?" The girl looked like she would rather be at any other place in the world, but here. She had bright velvet red hair, sleeve tattoos, and both nose and lip piercing. She creeped me out.

"Ya. Can I have a menu?" Samantha asked irritated by the girl. Erika handed Sammy a menu and we passed it around. Everybody ordered appetizers so we could try a little bit of everything. My favorite were the fries that were dipped in nacho cheese with bacon bits. I think everyone liked that cuz we ordered 5 more of them.

After we had all finished eating, we made our way to the dance floor. All the girls were singing along to the songs that were playing when Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo came on. Harry put his hands on my hips as I twerked and swerved to the song. Before we knew it, everyone was grinding, and we weren't even drunk yet. 

"Want be to get everybody some beer?" Louis asked 

Everyone nodded in agreement as we continued to dance. Once Louis came back with the drinks Harry left to go to the bathroom, so I was dancing by myself. A tall guy probably around the age of 25 came up to me, obviously drunk. "Wanna dance hot chick?" The guy asked slurred. Before I could say anything he put his hands on my ass and started pinching. 

"Leave me alone." I screamed at him.

"C'mon babe you know you want me." He replied back making me nervous. I tried to run away from him, but his hands were trapping me, and he pushed his face into mine, shoving his tongue in my mouth. I kept trying to get away from that bastard, but he would let go of me. When I heard-

"Get your fucking hands of my girl." Harry said pist. His hands were making a fist when he punched the guys face giving him a black eye. Once he had scared the dick off, I ran into Harry's arms crying. I burried my face in his chest, leaving tear stains on his black t-shirt.

"Clara, did he hurt you?" Harry asked me with a look of worry in his eyes.

"He pinched my ass and tried to make out with me." I replied into his t-shirt.

"Don't leave me again, please." I said hugging me.

"Don't worry I won't." Harry said kissing my forehead making me feel comfortable. I found Jessica and told her what happened, but honestly I don't think she was listening. She was too occupied with the music and Zayn. Harry and I went over to the bar and we each got a shot. The first sip I took burned my throat, but it felt good, so I took another  sip. Before. I knew it my drink was done and so was Harry's. I was about to order some more food when Harry wrapped his hands around my waist, bringing his lips to mine. Our lips moved in sync and then our tongues began to fight. I gave up and let him, letting him explore. He started to kiss around my neck, so I tugged at his hair. I loved his curls. They complimented his face perfectly.

Once we were done making out, we found the rest of the gang and got back in the golf cart to go back to the hotel. Nobody seemed wasted, I mean we all had a few drinks, but nothing we couldn't handle.

Me and Harry were back in our hotel room, and I wanted to take a shower to clean off from the beach. I had gotten in the shower and turned on the water when I heard the knob turn. 

"Baby, I'm dirty. Can I get in the shower with you?" Harry asked giving me the puppy dog eyes. I opened the shower curtain so he could only see my face.

"Sure." I replied wanting to not argue with him. Harry stripped and then got into the shower with me. He didn't realize how slippery the floor was in the shower and he fell, tripping me to fall over too! My face crashed into his penis as I fell. He looked into my eyes, and then winked, turning me on. I put my hands on his dick, and twirled it in between my fingers bringing it closer and closer to my mouth. I opened up my mouth, when Harry cumed. I forced his cum down my throat, because I knew that it turned him on. I sucked harder on his dick, pleasuring him when he let out. Again, I swallowed it, but after that I pulled away. He looked at me shocked and said 

"Where did you learn to do that?" 

"I dunno... but your lucky I'm with you." I said back flirting. I wrapped my arms around his necks bringing our lips close together. We kissed and kissed until I wrapped my legs around his waist, so he was carrying me. He pushed me up against the side of the shower and inserted himself. I screamed in pain, but after awhile it felt good.

We got out of the shower, but I didn't have any pajamas, so I just wore my bra and underwear to bed, and Harry wore his boxers. We got into the sheets snuggled up to each other. 

I was dozing off when Harry said,"Clara, I know we just met but I love you."

"I love you too." I said without taking a second to think. We both fell asleep happy that knowing that we were with the person  we loved.


*****************************Authors Note*****************************

Ok so that was a pretty long chapter! My thumbs hurt from typing so fucking much! I hope you guys liked the chapter. I wanted to make the casino part longer,  but I was  having writers block and didn't know what to talk about. Sorry about that! Please comment! I want to know how you guys are liking the story! I'll update when I have the time. I have fucking school, so I have  homework that needs to get done. :( I love you guys and thanks for reading!


Stay beautiful


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