Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


8. Chapter 6

Katey's POV 

When Clara & Harrry and Sammy & Niall left, it was just me a Liam chilling on the beach. He was hot. And had muscles. Big muscles. I looked at him through the corner of my eye trying not to make it obvious I was looking at him when he turned his head and looked at me.

"You know it's easier to stare at me agent you're closer to me." He said flirting.

"And what if I don't wanna get closer?" I stated confidently.

"Well I'll prove to you that you wanna get closer." Said Liam

He pulled the towel I was laying on closer to his towel so our shoulders were touching. Then he moved his arm and wrapped it around my waist, his hand on my ass.

"Maybe I'll wanna get closer more often." I said back at him winking.

"Oh. I can help you with that too. This time with other parts." 

He put his hand on my chin pulling my head towards his. Our lips gently brushed against each others and soon enough, our little kiss turned into a hot make out session. We were both standing up now and Liam was carrying me since my legs were wrapped around his body. I didn't want to have sex with him, and I knew that he understood that because I didn't think that he wanted to have it with me either... yet.


Clara's POV 

We had all met up by the boat about an hour later, ready to hang out and have some fun. It was kind of awkward at first because both me a Jessica had marks going down our necks from what had happened earlier. We laughed it out though, and everything was normal again.

Louis was the last to join us because he had brought a girl along with him

"Everyone I would like you to meet Eleanor. Eleanor, these are my friends." Louis introduced 

We all went around in a circle saying our name and a fact about ourselves. Harry went first.

"I'm Harry and I am dating a beautiful girl named Clara." I blushed and gave him a hug. I was next.

"My name is Clara. I am Harry's girlfriend, and I love sports."

"Hi I am Samantha, Niall's girlfriend and I love teddy bears.

"Niall. Sammy's boyfriend I love to EAT."

"Jessica. I'm zayns girl and I like to design clothes."

"Zayn, and I like to draw."

"Katey. I'm Liam's girlfriend."

"Liam. Katey boyfriend and I like to box."

"Well, I'm Eleanor. And Louis and I just met about an hour ago."

We were all done and the sun was starting to set, so we checked into a hotel. We got 3 suites which gave us 6 rooms in all, one for each couple and a room for all of us to hang out in. We all didn't have any clothes, so we decided to go shopping at the little boutiques on the corners. I didn't have any money with me, but the boys went shopping with us, so they paid for everything we bought.

"How bout we got clothes shopping first then bikini shopping?" Samantha suggested. The boys all groaned when she said clothes shopping, but when she said bikini the boys' moods lightened up. First we went to a store that sold mostly all crop tops, shorts, and a few cute leather jackets.I picked up about 5 different tops and shorts along with 3 jackets.

"Babe, how long is this gonna take?" Harry whined. 

"Longer if you keep whining. If you be a good boyfriend and carry the clothes for me I'll let you come into the dressing room with me." I bribed at him. The bribe worked because he took the clothes I was carrying out of my hand. After we had searched the store about 3 times I thought I was done. Just outside of the dressing rooms were very tight dresses that basically had no material covering the girls chest. Harry's eyes perked up when he saw the dresses, so I picked one up.

"I'll try it on of you tell me your honest opinion on the clothes I try on." I told him.

"Ok, but you promised that I could go in the dressing room with you." He reminded me.

I didn't want to break my promise, so we both slipped into the dressing room. I stripped off the shirt and shorts I was wearing, and replaced them with a red crop top that said fuck u with blue sequins and navy blue booty shorts. I also put on a black leather jacket with silver studs on the shoulders. I looked in the mirror then turned to face Harry.

"What do you think?" I asked 

"Well I like everything but the jacket."

"How come u don't like the jacket?"

"Cuz, when I try to hug u my arm will get poked by those spike things. Also the collar covers your cheeks so when I try to kiss them, they are in my way. See look." Harry leaned down and tried to kiss my check, but the collar was in his way. I guess he right. I took the jacket off and looked in the mirror again.

"That's better, now I can do this." Harry came up from behind me and put his arms around my stomach and his lips on my jawline. He worked his way up to my lips and we kissed for a minute or two, until I pulled away and tried on the rest of the clothes. I liked everything else I got and Harry payed for it on the way out. 

We all met up by the entrance and headed to the bikini shop. Samantha and katey immediately went for the bikinis that had hello kitty on them, with their boyfriends following behind them. Jessica, Eleanor, and I went for the solid prints and we each picked up a blue, Orange, and red. I also picked up a zebra and leopard print one. My favorites were the Orange and the zebra print, so Harry once again payed for me, and we all went back to the hotel.

"So, now what are  we gonna do?" I questioned once everyone was gathered in the living room area. 

"I have a few ideas." Harry said wiggling his eyebrows at me. I slapped his shoulder and he shut up.

"We can go to the casino down the street.I know you guys aren't 21 yet, but I don't think anyone will  mind. There will be lots of people there  anyways, we could sneak out with enough time if we had to." Louis told us

Everyone  exchanged glances around the room. Then Samantha said yes and we all got dressed and ready for the casino. I wore a marvel crop top with white booty shorts and a white Jean jacket.

"Harry can you promise me something?" I asked him as everybody got into the golf cart as we drove down the street. 

"Clara, you can tell me anything. I'm your boyfriend. I'm here for you."

"Well, it's gonna be my first time in a casino, and umm... can I stay with you the whole time, just so nothing happens? I don't wanna get drunk and not be with you. I don't wanna do something I'll regret with a stranger." I explained Harry pulled me onto his lap and whispered into my ear,"Of course you can." We gave each other a grin, then I gave him a peck on the lips, as we arrived at the casino. 


*********************Authors Note*********************

Ok, so now you know what happened with everybody. Hope you liked it! What do you think will happen in the casino? Make sure to leave a comment, I'll respond to them asap! Thanks so much for all the reads it means a lot to me! I'll update when I have the time.


Stay beautiful


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