Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


6. Chapter 4

Samantha's POV

Me and Clara were just tanning on the beach when Niall came up to me. To be honest, I thought he was really cute, and his accent definitely turned me on. He asked me if we could talk, and there was just now way I could deny.

"So Samantha...tell me about yourself." Niall said

"Well I am 20, just like the rest of the girls. My friends all say that I am the super sweet, and nice one, but I have damn bad side too. I like to draw and hangout with my friends. I've known the girls since 1st grade, and I dunno where I would be without them. Also, I'd say I am pretty big fan of one direction. I LUV your guys' music! Enough about me, what about you?"

"Umm... I'm also 20. I love to hang out with the mates and to play football with them. I'm a huge fan of rugby and football, and that's what I like to do on my free time. I'm also known as the sweet one in the group, even though I do swear a lot. Oh yeah, and I also love to EAT!"

"Well if you love to EAT, would you like to go get a milkshake from the pier?" I asked nervously.

"Yeah, that'd be great."

We walked over to the pier, and as we did so, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful Catalina was. The blue, clean waves were crashing up again the gigantic rocks. As we got to the pier. I spotted a milkshake place at the very end. I asked Niall of he wanted to go there and thankfully he did. We ordered and found a table to sit at.

"2 large chocolate milkshakes for Samantha and Niall, the man said over the intercom. Niall got up to get the drinks, but I beat him to it. As I was walking back to our table Niall smiled at me and I smiled back, but when I was about to sit down a lifeguard bumped into me making me spill my milkshake all over me!

"Wow, dude watch where you are going!" Niall screamed pist at the dude.

The lifeguard just rolled his eyes at Niall and walked away.

"I'm so sorry. Here let's go to the bathroom to clean you up."

We walked into the girls bathroom (I told niall it was the girls but he didn't care) and to my luck there were no paper towels, just the air dryer. I walked into a stall to get some toilet paper and Niall followed.

"Let me help you, love." Niall said sweetly

He grabbed some toiled paper and started to wipe the milkshake off of my cover up. He kept doing this as I stared into his beautiful sparkling blue eyes. He looked up at me and caught me staring at him. He came closer to me and crashed his lips into mine. Our lips moved in sync as he swept his tongue across my lip begging for entrance, I opened my mouth and his tongue explored. After about 5 minutes of this he pulled away and kissed down my neck leaving trails of love bites. He pulled away again, but this time he was done. I continued to clean myself up, but Niall interrupted.

"Babe, I have a better way of cleaning it up." 

At first I was confused cuz the only spot that still had milkshake on it was my stomach and parts of my breasts. He knelt down at started to lick my stomach cleaning up the chocolate milkshake. Niall cleaned each place up as slowly as possible, turning me on. After my stomach was done he looked up at me, asking for permission to continue onto my breasts. I nodded and he began. He sucked my boob, making me moan, and I felt him smile into my skin. He did this to both of them, and once he was done we left the bathroom and headed back to where Clara and Harry were

 I thought that they had probably had hooked up already, just like the other girls. Niall grabbed my waist with one arm and my hand with. The other intertwining our fingers. I'm glad that I can call Niall mine.


****************Authors Note**************

I hoped u guys enjoyed this last chapter. That was my first POV, and I plan on doing one for all of the girls to explain what happened with them and the boys. The activity of what they will do at night will probably be somewhere writhing the next 2-3 chapters. Should Louis meet Eleanor in the story or not? Cuz I feel sad that I didn't give him a girlfriend, but I have another idea that could be with him. Comment with your answer plz!! Love u guys and thx for reading!! 


Stay beautiful


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