Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


40. Chapter 38

I dont really care by demi lovato is the song. 
1 Month Later

Harry's POV 

Darcy was getting so big. She looked like Clara with her beautiful smile. Nothing in this world can come between me and Darcy or me and Clara. I love them both with all of my heart. 

Clara's POV 

Darcy is huge. I loved her green eyes and curls. She reminded me of Harry whenever I looked at her. Good thing I think Harry's hot. Darcy is growing out of all of her clothes, so I wanted to get her some new ones. 
"Sammy, Katey, can you go baby shopping with me?" I asked 
"Yes, I wanna pick out the clothes though!" Sammy said 
"No! I want to!" Katey said. 
"You both can" I said. 

At the store~~~

"Huggies or Pampers?" I asked the girls 
"Huggies sounds nicer." Sammy said. I took three off the shelf and put them in the car. We went to the next isle and got formula. After that we went into clothes section.
"Oh my God! Look at this." Katey said holding up a onese that said 'I love One Direction' and a picture of the boys on them. I laughed at it, but picked out the right size and put it in the cart. I looked at few more shirts, pants, skirts, shorts, and oneses for Darcy, but my favorite one was the one that said 'Don't mess with me, my parents are armed.' And there was a picture of guns and bombs. When Darcy is older, I swear she is gonna have the coolest clothes. 
"Can we get some lunch? I'm hungryyy!" Samantha said whining. 
"Yeah, what do you guys want to eat?" Katey asked
"Burgers." I said
"Hooters?" Sammy asked raising an eyebrow. 
"I'm not lesbian, but I'll call the boys and we can meet up there." I said pulling out my phone that Harry just bought me. 

For what? ;) 
Food... real foodxx 
Haha. Ya where?
I'll be there! 
But keep focused on me! xx 
Of course. I love you. 
Love You more. Get Darcy ready... she's coming tooxx 
K. I love you. See you there

At hooters ~ 

We got a big booth and got comfortable. I sat on Harry's lap just to make sure that the waitresses wouldn't distract him. He is currently kissing my neck. 
"Hey guys." The waitress said. Liam was basically drooling, but Katey slapped him, so Liam gave her a quick kiss to return back to the reality. 
"Hello! Can I have a high chair?" I asked the waitress enthusiastically. 
"Yeah sure. I'll be right back with one, and then I'll take your order." She said strutting off. It must be sad being a slut to work at this place. I mean you wear clothes that show your boobs for other people's entertainment. 
"What are you ordering?" I asked Samantha. 
"The cheese steak with fries and a salad. It looks huge though." She said 
"That sounds good. Can we share it, since its so big?" I asked. 
"Of course gurll." She said. 
"I'm back." The waitress said setting down the high chair. No shit, I thought Beyonce was back.
"So can I take your order?" She Asked. I took Darcy out of her stroller and put her into the high chair. She was calm and smiling. 
"Aww your baby is so cute! Who's the parents?" She asked. Harry kissed me, making it obvious that we were a couple. I mean DUH! 
"We're gonna share the cheesesteak with fries and a salad." Samantha said. The rest of them ordered some really good sounding burgers. When the food came out I was drooling. Literally. It was so good and perfectly cooked. I ordered Darcy applesauce and fed it to her. Then niall Fed her and picked her up and was holding her until she started crying. I put her back in her stroller and she fell asleep. 
"I love you." Harry whispered in my ear. 
"I love you too." I said back sitting on his lap and fiddling with his curls. He kissed me. 
"No sex at the table." Katey reminded us. I had forgotten we were in public. But I didn't really care, I continued to kiss him. 

At home~ 

"DARCY GO TO SLEEP!" I screamed at her. I was fucking 1 am! 
"Baby, calm down. I'll take care of her." Harry said holding me. He picked Darcy out of her crib and sat down on the rocking like chair and started singing. She stopped crying and smiled until she fell asleep. Harry was better with kids than I am. At least at 1 am in the morning. 
"You're so good with her." I said  
"You are too. You have  just been working so hard, you need a break." He said kissing my jawline. Then we went into the beginning of our first round. 


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