Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


39. Chapter 37

Isn't she lovely by Stevie Wonder is the song for this chapter.


Clara's POV 

"This is the best show ever." Katey said. We were all watching the new episode of Degrassi, and it is the best show. I was sitting on Harry's lap, and my stomach started to cramp up. 
"I'm gonna go lie down. My stomach hurts." I said
"I'll go with you." Harry said getting up with me. When I got up, I felt this flowing sensation through my body. Then a puddle of water on the floor. My water broke.
"Fuck" I said 
"Oh my God!" Samantha screamed. I started hyperventilating. 
"It's okay baby, I'm gonna get you to the hospital" Harry said. 
"My bag is packed in our room."I said. I packed my back for the hospital 3 weeks earlier, just in case. Niall went and got it for me. 
"I NEED A DOCTOR!" I yelled. We just got in the car, and Harry was doubling the speed limit. My stomach was in major pain. I spread my legs out and breathed deeply in and out. 
"We need a room! She's going into labor!" Harry screamed at the lady at the front desk. 
"Okay, right in here." The lady said leading me into a room on the first floor. 
"Lay down here. They doctor will be in shortly." She said. I sat down on the bed and Harry changed me into the hospital gown. 
"Hello, my name is Savannah. Your having a baby right?" She asked stupidly. 
"No, I'm giving birth to a sloth." I said sarcastically. I mean what kind of question is that." A few other nurses came in and hooked me up to machines. 
"Ok, I'm gonna start you off with some breathing. Oo oo ee oo oo ee." She said. I copied. We did two other breathing activities. 
"I need you to push on this one." She said. I did so, while screaming. Harry held my hand. 
"Almost there. I see the legs." She said. I pushed harder, and screamed harder. Harry squeezed my hand harder. The baby was out. I sighed in relief. Harry gave me a hug comforting me, but I wanted my child. 

-30 minutes later-

"She is beautiful." Harry said. I was holding her carefully in my arms. She was sleeping, but before she did, I saw her big green eyes. Just like Harry's. 
"Darcy Anne Styles, I love you, but you were a pain in the ass to give birth to." I said smiling. I let Harry hold her. She was so small.  We did paperwork and legal stuff. She was 9 pounds 3 ounces. Born on February 10th, 2014 at 10:27 pm. 
"Are you going to be breast feeding?" Savannah asked 
"Yes" I said. 
"Okay, I need  to make sure you do it correctly." She said. I pulled down my bra strap and let Darcy suck on my tit. 
"I thought I was the only one allowed to do that." Harry said whining. 
"Shut up, you'll get some later." I said winking. Savannah made a gagging noise, causing all of us to laugh. 
"Okay, you are able to leave, whenever you want." She said leaving the room. 
"You guys want visitors?" Liam asked walking in the room.
"Yes, come in." I said. They all held balloons that said congrats and Teddy bears. They are so sweet. Niall got out his phone and started taking pictures.
"No pictures, I look like shit." I said 
"You look beautiful." Harry said. I rolled my eyes. He was lying. 
"That one's going on Twitter!" Niall said showing me a picture of Harry and I smiling holding the baby. 
"Fine." I said. 
"Can I hold her?" Samantha asked. 
"Yeah, just don't drop her." I said passing her over. 
"She's so little!" She exclaimed. 
"Right!?" Katey said. Darcy was still sleeping. She's like me, loves to sleep. Samantha passed Darcy over to Niall. He picked her up and did the Lion King reenactment. He's such a weirdo. 

-At home-

"So this is where me and your mommy have sex." Harry said showing Darcy our bed. 
"Harry." I said 
"What? She's gotta learn about it sometime, she just can't have it." He said. 
"Wow" I said 
"I'm gonna go take a shower." I said. It was a nice long shower. I wasn't fat anymore, so I put on regular pajamas. A super man work out tank top and sofees. And I put my hair into a high bun. I walked into our room. Harry already put out Darcy's little crib. 
"Your such a good dad. You set everything up." I said giving him a hug and kiss.
"I also changed her." He said. 
"Well, thank you." I said. We kissed a little bit more until Darcy woke up crying. I had to feed her boob milk again. How am I not running out of milk? I fell asleep after that, but woke up two other times during the night from her screaming. She needs to learn to shut up! 
"Come here." Harry said. I got into the bed and snuggled into his arms for the rest of the night 

°°°°°°°°°°°Authors Note°°°°°°°°°°°°°°
Haii, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Love you guys! So I'm gonna be adding a new character into the story, but I don't know what to name her. Comment with a name, and if I like it, I will use it! Do you guys think Clara and Harry make good parents? Comment, like, and favorite! THANKS FOR READING! 

Stay beautiful

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