Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


38. Chapter 36

The song is Unconditionally by Katy Perry

Clara's POV

Harry's Birthday 

It was about 9 o clock. I didn't want to wake Harry, but I wanted to be with him, so I started tracing circles in his back with my fingers. I did that for 5 minutes, and I got up. 
"Don't stop." Harry said looking at me. 
"You're awake! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I said giving him a hug and kiss on the lips. 
"So what do you want to do today?" I asked him holding his hand and intertwining our fingers. 
"Nothing, I want to spend my whole day with you." He said picking me up and spinning me ending it with a kiss. Very romantic. 
"Lets get away." I said 
"What do you mean?" He asked
"Lets drive into the woods and spend the day there" I said 
"That's sounds perfect." He said getting out of the bed. 
I got ready. I put on a long sleeve plain red t shirt and black skinny jeans with my caramel uggs. I straightened my hair and applied a minimal amount of makeup. To top it off, I put on a black and white leather jacket. 
"You look beautiful." He said as I walked out of the bathroom. 
"You look hot too." I said. He was wearing a black muscle tee and black skinny jeans and a blue bandana. 
"You ready to go?" He asked.
"Yup" I said. We left a note for everyone telling them where we were, then we left. The car ride wasn't long, but the whole time he had his hand in mine. I loved this boy. 
Once we got there, we set up chairs and a little fire. I sat on Harry's lap. 
"I'm so happy I met you." He said. 
"Me too, if I didn't meet you, I would have gone him  and found my dead family all by myself. I probably wouldn't be alive right now. I love you with all my heart." I said tearing up. 
"Don't cry." He said putting my head into his chest. 
"I love you more." He said. I smiled. His lips touched mine and I felt those sparks I had felt since the first time we kissed. His tongue entered my mouth and explored. He picked me up off the chair and he wrapped my legs around him. He was kissing down my neck and found my sweet spot. A moan escaped my lips. I could feel him smile into my neck. He found the beginning of my jeans and his hands went into them, touching my bare skin. After playing with them for a few minutes he took my pants off. I was now in my underwear. His hands slid into those. His fingers found my clit and he he inserted one finger and moved it in a circle. I moaned. I didn't want to get all the pleasure, so it was turn to make him happy. I took of his shirt and fumbled with his pants then took them off. I did the same to his boxers. I played with his dick and moved my hand up and down his length. He was moaning. I smiled. He grabbed my waist and pulled my closer, even though there was no space in between us. He took off my underwear and inserted himself. He went in and out making me scream with pleasure. He went faster and faster, I was pleasured and so was he. We just had sex in the woods. 

After our round was over, we took out marshmallows and roasted them over the fire. We put the marshmallows on Graham crackers along with a chocolate and fed each other. We kept doing this until a marshmallow fell down my shirt. 
"I'll get it." Harry said. I rolled my eyes, but allowed him.
"Um that's not the marshmallow." I said. He was rubbing my tit.
"But it's still food." He said winking. 
"You're so perverted." I said. 
"But you like it." He said. I laughed and gave him a kiss. 
"Darcy is coming out next week!" I said. 
"I'm gonna be a daddy." He said smiling and looking at my stomach. 
"A sexy one." I said. He lifted his eyebrows and winked. He was so weird.
"She's not dating until she's 40" He said. I stared at him.
"Darcy can date when she wants. As long as it's with the right guy and he treats her right." I said 
"I have to meet him first." Harry said 
"Wait, why are we talking about her dating? She can't even crawl." I said. We both laughed. I stared into his beautiful green eyes. 
"I want her to have your green eyes." I said 
"I want her to have your beautiful personality. An  your beautiful brown wavy hair." He said 
"I want her to be the best she can be" I said
"I agree. We will love her no matter what happens." He said. We stared into each other's eyes again 
"Promise me something?" He asked 
"Anything." I said 
"Promise me that no matter what challenges we face, we will always love each other, and that nothing can come between us. 
"I promise" I said. And with that we drove back to the house, and spent the rest of the day in each other's company. 


````````Authors Note`````````` 
Hey guys sorry for not updating. Lots have been going on. And fucking school keeps giving me homework. I promise I'll update more often after this weekend, but I'll try and update once more this weekend. Don't get pissed at me if I don't though. THANKS FOR READING AND HAPPY MEMORIAL WEEKEND!!!!! 

Stay beautiful

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