Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


32. Chapter 30

Harry won our little bet. He wore the fucking 40 pound thing for 24 hours without complaining. How?
"Lets go to the doctor." He said kissing my neck. 
"But Harry..." 
"It was the bet." He said staring at me. I gave in.
"Fine, let's go." I said annoyed. I grabbed my phone and bag and went out the door and into the car. 
"So what doctors office?" I asked 
"There's one 10 minutes away. You don't have to have an appointment. It's walk in." He said acting all smart. 
"What are we gonna name it?" I said.
"I dunno, let's find out the gender first, but if it's a girl, she's not dating until she's 40" he said protective. I just rolled my eyes. 
"And if it's a boy?" I asked 
"I'll teach him how to be charming and good with girls." He said winking at me. Again I rolled my eyes and laughed. Once we got there, we got into a room immediately. I sat on Harry's lap. 
"Clara?" The nurse said. She had bright blue hair. Really bright. 
"That's me!" I said imitating Cailou the four year old cartoon show I still watch. 
"Hello, I'm Vanessa. I hear you want to find out the gender of the baby." She said putting on gloves. 
"Yeah." I said 
"Okay, so I'm gonna stick this thing around your belly and then give you a shot. Is that alright?" She asked sweetly. 
"Sure." I said willingly. She wrapped the thing around me, and it was really tight. REALLY tight. She pulled out the needle and I nearly fainted. I hate those damn needles. I grabbed Harry's hand and squeezed it. The shot didn't hurt that bad. Vannesa went on the computer and you could see the baby! The machine was taking pictures, and Vanessa exited the site on the computer. 
"Okay, so the baby is 7 months. It will be due February 12." 
"The gender?" Harry asked getting annoyed. I rubbed his back to calm him down. 
"I'll let you see for yourself." Vannesa said handing us three black and white pictures. The baby had feet, and a head, and arms, and all that good stuff. OMG it had no penis. 
"HARRY ITS A GIRL!" I screamed. Our faces lit up. I gave him a big hug and jumped on him. 
"Congratulations! You guys are able to leave whenever."  Vanessa said.
"I told you, she's not dating until she's 40!" Harry said assuring me.
"Yeah, whatever you say babe." I said and rubbed my tummy. 
"Hi baby girl. I'm your daddy." Harry said lifting my shirt and talking to the baby. She kicked. 
"Harry she's kicking. She likes you." I said putting his hand on the spot.
"I love you too." Harry said giving my stomach a kiss. 
"I'm gonna text the girls." I said. 
"I'll tweet the fans." He said 

Ahhh congrats!!! J 
Yaay lil gurl! K 
Can't wait to meet her! S 

After a while of texting, I wanted to see what was happening on Twitter. 

'Me and @_claradirection baby is a GIRL! Quote this with a name for her and maybe we'll use it. ;) ' Harry tweeted 

All the responses were Darcy. Oh yeah! How could I forget! Every directioner knew Harry wanted to name his first girl Darcy! 
"Harry, I have a name for her." I said 
"What?" He said 
"Darcy Anne Styles" I said. 
"Really, you'll name her Darcy?" He sounded like I was joking. 
"Yeah, of course!" I said in my duh tone. 
Harry then tweeted 'Darcy Anne Styles' and I retweeted that. 
Once we got back home the girls welcomed us back with screams. 
"Darcy is gonna be the most funniest, prettiest, smartest, happiest, and spoiled child ever. I'll make sure of it." Jessica said 
"I'M GONNA TEACH HER HOW TO EAT!" Niall screamed 
"As long as we get to teach her about sex" Harry said pointing at me and him. Everyone agreed. I mean I don't want my baby girl learning about sex g from anyone but me and Harry. 
"OH MY GOD! CAN WE GO BABY SHOPPING?" Samantha asked screaming. 
"AND WE NEED TO GO DRESS SHOPPING FOR JESSICA." Katey screamed equally as loud. 

Darcy, is gonna live a fun life with all of us around her. She's gonna be raised by immature, screaming, sex loving 20 and 21 year old kids. 

·············Authors Note···············
SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING! I FEEL LIKE A HORRIBLE PERSON! I swear I'm gonna update more often. I've just been having writers block. So dah baby is a GIRL!! Yaay. THANKS FOR READING! Keep commenting. If you guys want me to read or check out any other stories just tell me the name of them and who they are written by and I'll be happy to read them for you.

Stay beautiful

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