Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


4. Chapter 3

We were still riding in the car back to my house and I was squished like hell.

"Louis, stop poking me with your ribs!" I shouted 

"Its called breathing!" He sassily replied.

"Here baby. Sit on my lap, you'll be less squished." Harry said flirting 

He pulled me onto his lap, and hugged me tightly. I gave him a peck on the lips as a thank you. The peck turned into a long kiss and we were enjoying it until Niall had to interrupt us.

"Ewwwwwww!!" Niall said

"Shut up. Your just jealous you don't have a wonderful girlfriend." Harry said

My eyes widened as Harry said girlfriend. I snuggled into his arms and Liam asked what we were going to do for the day. I told the boys that we could go to the beach with my friends so they could meet them. They were into the idea of that so once we got back to my house we all got ready for the beach. Niall and Louis went out to the store to get swim trunks for them so they could go swimming too. I changed into an orange and red striped bikini with a green see through cover up and waterproof blue sandals. After I was dressed and ready I decided to check Twitter. I had so many more followers and mentions because the boys had all  tweeted " #PrayforClara she has gone through some hard times. " The tweets all made me smile even though there was some hate going around. After that, I texted my friends and told them to meet me at the beach. I locked my phone and headed downstairs.

When I got downstairs the boys were all standing there shirtless in there swim trunks ready to go. I'm pretty sure I was drooling over all the abs and tattoos I was staring at because Harry said "love I'm yours remember?" I looked up at him and said sorry by kissing him passionately on the lips. 

We had all gotten in the car again, but this time we were in my mom's car because it was bigger and could fit more people. Even though there was more than enough seats for everyone Harry wanted me to sit on his lap again. I denied and said maybe later and then winked him.

"So Clara tell me about your friends." Zayn said

"Well they all mean so much to me, it's gonna be hard to say goodbye to them when I leave with you guys. First there is Sammy, or Samantha, she is sweet, funny, and creative, so I think she would be good for Niall. Next there is Jessica who is funny, athletic, creative, and can sometimes be perverted. So she would be good with zayn. Lastly there is Katelynn, or Katey. She is funny, caring, and the most generous person I have  ever met, so basically she is the clone of Liam. And obviously we are all hot." I explained 

"Well I guess every one will have a date except for me." Louis cried

"Don't worry Lou there will be lots of cute girls where we are going." I told Louis.

He smiled and I could tell he couldn't wait. It was awhile before we arrived at the beach, so we were all relieved when we got there. I beat everyone out of the car and jumped into the sand. I fell into the sand face first and got a whole bunch 



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