Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


29. Chapter 27

"You wanna get drive thru food?" Harry asked 
"Yeah! Dah baby needs food and so do I." I said rubbing my stomach 
"Just three more months" he said reminding me. 
"Your birthday is next week." Harry said. I put my head in my hands. 
"No. You guys aren't doing anything! I don't want a party." I said. To be honest I did want a party, but with the baby I can't party or drink. 
"Yes we are..." Harry said. I frowned at him.
"You're turning 21 It's big." He said. 
"No it's not! It means I'm getting old." I said
"At least it's not 22" he said pulling into the McDonald's.
"Hi, can I have a 12 piece chicken star and 3 big Macs." I ordered. Harry looked at me shocked. I  mimicked his face, making me laugh as he drove up to the second window to get our food. I immediately starting eating. 
"Don't worry it's okay, you can eat without me." Harry said giving me a pouty face 
"I'm sorry babe." I said and fed him his food. 

Once we got back to the house, everyone was already awake. 
"Where did you guys go?" Katey asked me
"I GOT  A TATTOO!!!!" I said shoving my hand in her face and showing her the one in my hip. 
"Nice" she said weirded out that I shoved my hand in her face. She was used to it though. I'm that mental. 
"Good morning." Jessica sang walking in. 
"Someone's happy." I said smiling 
"Duh, how could I not be with Zayn being my bf." She said in her duh tone. I just rolled my eyes. 
"Where's Sammy?" I asked  
"Having fun with Niall." Katey said 
"Oooo lala." Jessica said. We sounded so immature, but that's the people we are. It's gonna be hard raising a kid. 
"I'm gonna go out with Zayn later. K?" Jessica said. 
"Where you going?" I asked 
"I dunno. He said its a surprise for our 7 month anniversary." She answered. 
"Wanna watch The Bachelor?" Katey asked 
"No, I don't like Juan Pablo." I said disgusted
"Nahh, not in the mood for dancing." I said 
"Say yes to the Dress?" 
"Yessss!" I said. I loved that show. 

Jessica's POV
Zayn told me we were gonna leave in two hours, so it gave me just enough time to get ready. He also told me not to dress fancy, but not to dress casual. I was confused. Anyways, I took a shower and straightened my hair all the way down to the died blue tips. I did the smoky eye effect make up. Now all I had to do was pick out an outfit. I looked through my dresser about a million times until I settled with a wavy flower tank top and white booty shorts with black studded heels. I looked into the mirror once more and I was satisfied. 
"Ready to go love?" Zayn asked intertwining our fingers. He was wearing all black. 
"Yup!" I said giving him a quick kiss on the lips. We got into the car and we talked about anything and everything. I felt like I could talk to him so openly. I loved him. 
"Where are we going?" I asked impatiently. 
"You'll see." He said winking. 10 minutes later he parked the car. Finally. It was an Italian Place!!
"It's Italian!" I sad happily. 
"Yes, your favorite." He said 
"You know so much about me" I said. He smiled as we stared into each other's eyes. 
"Hello, my name is Brooke, I'll be your server. Would you guys want some pasta?" She said 
"Spaghetti please" Zayn answered for me.
"Like lady and the tramp" I said 
"That's so romantic!" I said again.
"Only for the best." He said giving me a peck on the lips. The spaghetti arrived really fast and we dug in. It was small, but we made it last. For each noodle he put one end in his mouth and the other in mine, resulting in a kiss. After we had finished Zayn stood up. 
"Everyone I would like your attention." He said getting everyone in the restaurants attention. 
"Jessica." He said looking me in the eyes. 
"Since I met you, I knew you were the one. I know we  have only known each other for 7 months, but they have been the best 7 months of my life, and I don't want to be without you. I love you. Will you marry me?" He got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. It was beautiful it was diamond encrusted. I heard awws all through restaurant as I was tearing up. 
"Of course." I said pulling him into a hug. We kissed passionately and I felt sparks. He put the beautiful engagement ring on my left hand fourth finger. It fit perfectly. And it was from the perfect guy. 

~~~Authors Note~~~
Haii guys!! Sorry for not updating I just have been doing other things. I promise I'll update more often. Thanks for all the reads. On more of a serious note, I want to say that to all of the people out there who have been struggling with friends or family it will get better. I have been through this and I know it isn't the best. And remember I'm here for you. Thanks so much for reading! It means a lot. 

Stay beautiful

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