Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


27. Chapter 25


Samantha's POV

It was Aidan. I haven't seen him for two years since he cheated on me with fucking Victoria. After, I found out about them I broke up with him immediately. He tried to get me back, but I just wouldn't let him. I did love him, but I love Niall more. I didn't know what love was until I met Niall. 
"Samantha!" He said getting out of his seat and giving me a hug.
"Get off of me, you bastard!" I shouted at him pushing away from the hug. 
"Look, I just want to let you know that I've changed. What I did was wrong, and won't happen again." He said trying to convince me. I gave him a disgusted look. 
"Your point..." I said giving some sass. 
"Can we be friends?"
"I have a boyfriend." I said 
"I don't see him." I can't believe he just said that. 
"Well your GONNA see my fist in your face if you don't leave me alone." I said confidently. 
"You've changed." 
"Soo..." I said annoyed. 
"Don't you believe in second chances?" He said
"Not for people who don't deserve them." 
"So is this seat taken or not?" I said pointing to the chair. 
"No, go ahead." He said politely moving his stuff. 
"I can't believe him." I whispered to Clara. 
"He's desperate. Maybe he's changed, but you won't know unless you give him chance. I'm not saying go out with him, cuz you and Niall and perfect, but you can be friends." She responded. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye. 
"Hey, look whose over there." Clara said to Katey and Jessi who walked in with our food. There mouths dropped to the floor. 
"What did he say?" Jessica asked. 
"He wants to be 'friends' with Sammy." Clara said. 
"Did she say it was okay?" Katey asked. 
"No, but I think she should give him a chance. Not go out with him, but let him apologize." She said. 
"I want to talk to him, but I don't him to think I forgive him. Cuz he's a man whore." I said. 
"Do you still have his number?" Katey asked 
"No, I got rid of everything that had to deal with him." 

Aidan's POV 
I know I cheated on Samantha, but it was a mistake, and I have  changed to become a better person, once I realized how much i  hurt her. 
I overhead them talking, when I remembered that I still had her number. God, please make it be the right number, I prayed. I opened my contacts and clicked on her name. I texted her:
Hi, it's Aidan. I'm really sorry for what I did. Please can I have another chance. 
I heard her phone go off. It was the right number. I saw her look at her phone then up to me. She said:
I'll give you another chance, but I don't forgive you. I have a boyfriend that I'm in love with, so we can't be anything #GrossNeverInAMillionYears. I know that it's wrong to cheat on people. 
I looked up at her and smiled. She ignored me, but I know she saw it. I still love her, I can't help but smile when I see her. 


Samantha's POV
I gave him another chance, because I'm the nice person that I am. He kept smiling at me, creeping me out. The movie was even more awkward because I had to sit next to him because there were no other seats. Me and the girls thought the movie was good and we were talking right outside the theater. 
"Samantha, can I talk to you?" He said pulling me aside. 
"You already are." I said obviously when he crashed his lips into mine. He kissed me forcefully applying pressure. I punched him the gut and ran off to the girls back to the hotel.


Jessica's POV
I was talking with the girls when Samantha got pulled aside by Aidan. They talked for about two seconds before Aidan kissed her. I couldn't believe it! I knew it wasn't Samantha's fault and she didn't want to do it because I saw her punch him. I ran up to Aidan and said. 
"What the hell?! She has a boyfriend!" 
"I couldn't help it! I better go straighten things out" he said following her. 


Samantha's POV
I was running away from that douche with Clara and Katey back to the hotel. I needed Niall. We ran up to our hotel room.
"Niall?!" I said storming through the room. 
"Samantha, what's wrong baby?" He said giving me a hug comforting me. I cried into his arms. 
"M-my ex. I saw him at the movies." I said sobbing.
"Did anything happen?" He said tensing up. 
"H-he kissed me, so I punched him." I said
"Where's this fucking asshole?" He said raising his voice. 
"Calm down." I said. I heard a knock at the door. I walked up to the door, still holding Nialls hands with him by side. Guess who was at the door? Aidan.  



~~~~Author's Note~~~~
Haii guys!! How are you liking it? I'm trying to update more, so there you go. Thanks for all the feedback. It means so much! Keep commenting! It makes me feel better!!! So anyways... What do you think is gonna happen. Like and favorite my story for more. THANKS FOR READING!

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