Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


26. Chapter 24

I woke up the next morning really early, but I felt rested up. I got out of the bed and looked through the overnight suitcase that I packed. I tried on about 10 different outfits, but nothing fucking fit me! I need to go shopping. 
"Harry" I said 
"Hmm?" He said rubbing his eyes and getting out of the bed. 
"Can I borrow some of your clothes?" 
He looked at me and smiled. "Of course" 
He handed me a baggy black t shirt and red basketball shorts. I put them on quickly. I didn't look like shit, but I didn't look good. I put my hair into a braided bun and let my grown out bangs hug my face. My makeup was simple. Mascara and a little bit of foundation. 
"You don't need that." Harry said grabbing my makeup back. 
"What? Give me my make up!" I said chasing him around our room. 
"No. You look beautifulier without it." 
"Beautifulier?" I asked 
"Ya, it's a word." I smiled at his joke and grabbed my bag putting the last touches on my make up. 
We walked into our 'living room' where everyone else was already eating. 
"Pancakes?" Zayn asked 
"YESSS!" I said stealing the food from the spatchula and shoving it in mouth. It was delish! 
"Can we have a girl's day?" I asked swallowing the food in my mouth. 
"Yeah can we? We haven't had one in forever." Katey said.
"How about shopping and a movie?" Jessi said 
We all nodded. I grabbed my phone from my bag and went to say goodbye to Harry. 
"I'm leaving with the girls." I said hugging him.
"Can I have some money?" I asked giving the puppy dog eyes. 
"How can I say no to that?" He said sarcastically. He handed me a few twenties and kissed me goodbye. 
"We'll be back by 4." I said exiting the room with the girls. The shopping center was just down the street along with the theater. 
"Where to first?" Sammy asked. 
"Wherever they sell clothes for prego people." I said.
"Yeah. Your getting big." Katey said slapping my stomach. 
"I think there's a place a few stores down" jessi said
She was right. It was called Motherhood. We walked in and looked around. There were some cute clothes. I like the dresses. I got 7 of them. I liked them cuz they made it obvious that I was pregnant, not fat. After we finished my shopping, we went to forever 21. Immediately we ran to the accessories. Well, I waddled over there. 
"Oohh look at these!" Katey said showing me a pack of necklaces that had little flowers with crystals on them. They were adorbs! I found these really cute headbands that looked like real flowers with their stems connected. I got them and put one on. 
"The movie is starting in 20 minutes. We should go over there now." Jessi said grabbing us from our hands and pulling us out of the store. 
"What movie are we watching?" I asked
"The Other Woman" Katey said getting the tickets. 
"I'll go get the seats with Sammy. Can you get me a large popcorn and Dr. Pepper?" I asked. Katey nodded. 
"So, how are you and Niall?" I asked nudging her.
"Great! I really do LOVE him." 
"That's so sweet!" I said.
"Let's try and find four seats that are together." I said 
"I think there are some over there." Sammy said pointing to the top row. We walked over there. 
"Are these seats taken?" Sammy asked a boy with brown hair and brown eyes who was tall. I knew him.
"Aidan?" Sammy asked disgusted.
"Samantha?" He asked eyes perking. 
He was her ex who cheated on her three years ago with some slut who hated Samantha. 

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