Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


25. Chapter 23

Clara's POV

It was great to have Katey back. I don't know what I would've done without her. We had just arrived at the hotel that we were staying the night at. It looked very fancy. 
"Can we have the 5 room suite?" Niall asked the desk lady politely. 
She handed him the key and we walked up to our rooms. Harry's hands were intertwined with mine and my head was on his shoulder. I was exhausted and it was only 4 pm. We put our overnight bags on the floor. 
"Can we get some dinner? I'm starving." I said rubbing my fat pregnant stomach. 
"Of course love. What do you want?" He said resting his hands on my hips. 
"Food. Lots of it." He laughed. 
"I'll call room service." He said and dialed the number. 
"Food is on its way. Why don't you take a shower and get ready for bed." He said throwing me my pajamas. 
I got into the shower and stood there forever. It was sooo relaxing. I did my usual stuff I did in the shower and then I put on a loose tank top and spandex shorts. 
When I got out of the bathroom, food was already there. Harry set up a table with two seats and a candle and a rose in the center of the table. 
"Only for the best." Harry said pulling out my chair, motioning for me to sit down. 
"Harry, you didn't have to." I said 
"But I wanted to." He said giving me a kiss on the lips. 
"It smells good. What is it?" I said 
"Linguini with red sauce." He said. 
"Are we going to do this lady and the tramp style?" I asked picking up a noodle. Harry nodded. 
He put one end of the noodle in his mouth and I put the other in mine. I ate the noodle until our lips met in the middle. We kissed for several minutes until my stomach began growling. 
After we finished eating, we layed down on the bed and put on Love Actually. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist, and I did the same to his neck. We stared into each other's eyes from what seemed like forever until I leaned in and gave him a long kiss. I fumbled with his shirt and he took it off quickly. I did the same with mine revealing my baby bump.
"Woah, that baby is growing fast." Harry said rubbing my belly. 
"Yeah, and I'm only 3 months in. Promise you'll still love me even when I act like a hormonal bitch?" 
"I promise." He said. 
He picked me up and stood me on the bed. He stood on the floor and pulled me to the side. He gave my belly a kiss and then set me down again. 
We watched Love Actually until the end. Now I know why it's Harry's favorite movie. I was still awake and so was Harry. 
"Want me to sing you asleep?" He whispered. I nodded. 
"You & I. We can make it til the end. Nothing can come between." He sang. 
I drifted off to sleep in the love of my life arms. 

°°°°°°°°°°Authors Note°°°°°°°°°° 
Heyy guys! Sorry for not updating. But I update twice so your welcome. I've been listening to one direction music for inspiration and its working. So the WWAT started on Friday!! Ahh!! :) #Excited What do you guys think of my story. Please comment and like my story and remember to vote for the baby's gender. I'm serious like please vote. THANKS FOR READING!!

Stay beautiful

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