Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


24. Chapter 22

Liam's POV

"Umm...Hi?" Katelynn said. 
"Katelynn!" I said embracing her into a big hug. 
"Sorry, but who are you and why are you hugging me?" She said freaked out.
"You don't remember me?" My voice was trembling. 
"No, I'm sorry." She doesn't remember me. She doesn't remember the times we had together. She doesn't remember us. 
I got up out of my chair and walked out of the room crying. 
"Liam! Liam!" I heard Zayn call after me. I stopped.
"Mate, I know your upset right now, but I promise she will remember you. Now's just not the time." He said comforting me.
"Then when is the time?" I asked 
"Nobody knows. We just have to wait and see." He said. 

Katey's POV 
"Umm...Hi?" I said. My head was pounding and I didn't know where I was when someone just came up to me and hugged me. He was really cute, but I didn't know who he was. I was gonna ask for his name, but he just left the room. 
"Hey Katey. I'm Clara. We've been friends since we were little."
She looked familiar. Very familiar. Just like all the other girls in the room. I think there names were Sammy and Jessica. 
"I'm Jessica. I've been your friend since forever. Just like Clara and Sammy." I was right! I remembered them! 
"I remember you guys! We went to the same schools!" I said excitedly. 
"Yeah!" Sammy said. Their faces lit up with joy. 
"Umm... why am I here?" I asked. Everyone in the room exchanged looks when the boy that hugged me came back into the room.
"Liam, Katey just asked why she is here." A boy with brown curly hair said. Liam. What a cute name. Liam sat back down into the chair he was sitting in when I woke up.
"Well, we were driving down to see my parents together this morning when we got into a car crash. You have amnesia." He said. 
Amnesia. That explains a lot. 
"Why we're we driving together?" I asked curiously. Again, everyone in the room exchanged glances. 
"We are dating. You are my girlfriend. You are my everything. You light up my day and make me smile. I love you." He said starting to tear up. 
"I love you too." I said without thinking. His eyes reminded me of something.

I love you. He said to me kissing my neck in a hotel room. We were both naked and lying in bed cuddling watching toy story. 
»»End of Flashback««

Oh my God. He was the boy. I know him! He was Liam Payne from One Direction, and also my boyfriend.
"You're Liam Payne. And your Zayn Malik. And Harry Styles. And Niall Horan!" I said pointing to them. 
Everyone smiled their biggest grin. I remembered them! 
"You remember us?!" Harry asked. 
"YES!" I said happily. 
Clara gave me a huge hug. Followed by Samantha and then Jessica. 
Shortly after we celebrated my memory a nurse came in and told me I was free to go, but to take it easy. We all walked out of the hotel together fighting off the blinding lights of the paparazzi. I bet by tomorrow we will be all over E! News. 
"You guys want to get a hotel so we don't have to drive back tonight?" Harry asked. 
"Sounds great!" Niall said shutting the door to the van we all got in to. 
"I'm so glad you're better." Liam whispered into my ear turning me on. I looked up into his eyes and gave him a passionate kiss. 
"Me too." I said happily.

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