Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


20. Chapter 18

Everybody woke up early the next morning to pack for the flights. It took me a few hours to get everything in suitcases because of the mess that Harry and I made. Our clothes were all over the house, but I managed to get every last bit. 

"Harry are you done packing?" I asked 
"Yeah are you? We need to leave in 30 minutes to make the flight." He said
"I'm done. Let's go check on everyone else." I said. We grabbed all of our luggage and wheeled them downstairs to where everyone was waiting. 
"Everybody ready to meet the family?" Zayn asked. All of us girls gave weak smiles and shrugged walking out the door. Even though we were all going to separate places, we decided to take the same flight there. The drives to the boy's houses weren't far from there. Zayn was in Bradford. Liam in Wolverhampton. Harry in Holmes Chapel, and Niall with us. Nialls family was planning to fly in to stay at Harry's house, so they could meet Samantha. 
"You excited?" Harry asked me
"More like nervous." 
"My mum and Gemma will love you, just like I do. If they don't, I still will. I promise." 
"When are we gonna tell them about the baby?" I asked 
"Not immediately. We should wait until they fall in love with you." He said intertwining our fingers. 
"Ok." I said nervously. He reassured me by giving me a long kiss that made me feel the sparks between us. I really loved Harry. For the rest of the flight, I went on Twitter and did a followspree and tweetspree to fans that supported me and Harry. 
"We will be landing in London in approximately 5 minutes. Please turn of all electronics and buckle up. Thank you for riding U.K. Airlines. Have a nice trip." The lady said over the intercom. 5 minutes later we got off of the plane and walked out into the waiting area of the terminal.
"Mum!" Harry shouted dropping his stuff and running into his mom's arms giving her a kiss on the cheek. 
"I missed you so much!" She said sweetly.
"I missed you more!" He said giving her another hug. 
I picked up all the luggage and began to walk over to Harry and his mom. 
"Mum, this is Clara. She has been my girlfriend since I was in LA." He said introducing us. 
"Hello, I'm Anne, but feel free to call me Momma Styles. That's what the boys call me." She gave me a quick hug as I laughed at her joke. 
"I'm Clara. It's so nice to meet you." I told her as she helped us with our luggage as we walked out to the taxi. The boys were all greeting their family and the girls were being introduced. Once they were done, we all walked to the taxis together. 
"Bye! I'll see you soon. Text and Call me." I said to Katey and Jessica as we got into different taxis. Harry, Anne, and I were in one and Samantha, Niall, and his family were in another, even though we were going to the same place. 
"So Clara tell me about yourself." Anne said kindly
"Well, my mum, brother, and father are no longer living, so that's been really hard on me. To get that off my mind I like to play soccer. I'm a HUGE directioner and so are all my friends." I explained.
"Oh, I'm so sorry about your family." She said sympathetically.
"Thank you." I said. A few minutes later of awkward silence we pulled up at Harry's house. Big house. Huge house. I'm sorry, mansion. It was 3 stories high, basement, pool, golf course, tennis courts, and tons of rooms. 
"Is Gemma gonna be here?" I asked Harry excitedly. 
"Probably. Why?" He asked 
"Ahh! Oh my gawd! I love her!!" I said jumping up and down fangirling. Harry gave me a weird look like I was some kind of mental retarted person. 
"Sorry, I still fangirl! Remember I am big directioner and meeting all of these people that I look up to is still new to me!" I said to him. Harry just laughed and wrapped his arm around my waist and gave me a kiss on the head as we walked into his house. It was gorgeous! 
"Gemma we are here." Anne said setting our bags down on the counter. Gemma came down the stairs with the one and only Ashton Irwin from 5 seconds of summer by her side. 
"Hey bastard." Gemma said to Harry smiling. 
"Hi bitch!" Harry said giving her a hug. I stood there awkwardly until Harry introduced me to Gemma and Ashton. I think I was hyperventilating. Gemma was even pretty in person and Ashton was, well, the Ashton Irwin. 
"Hi!" I said to them.
"Clara can I ask you a question?" Gemma asked 
"Yeah go ahead." I said 
"What do you see in 'that'?" She said gesturing to Harry who was talking to Ashton. I laughed and said, "Well he is caring, talented, funny, hot." I said 
"Uggh barf!" She said gagging. Once again I laughed. 
"So do you guys want to get some lunch?" Ashton asked 
"Yeah I'm starving." I said 
"Great! Let's go get some burgers, or pizza, or nachos, or hot dogs, or everything!" Gemma said. I laughed, again. Me and her were gonna be great friends. 

-------Author's Note--------
Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't updated, I've been busy. Hope you liked that last chapter. I swear more action will happen in the upcoming chapters! Thanks so much for reading and keeping up with my shit. It means a lot! Please, please please please please please please please please please please please please please vote for the gender of the baby. I have only gotten three votes and they were from my friends, so I don't think they should count. 
Thanks again! 

Stay beautiful


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