Saved Me

Clara has no family left. Just her closest friends. After tragedy happens, Clara and her friends meet the boys of One Direction that change their life. Clara and Harry get really close, but will she loose him?


16. Chapter 15

I had to change into some new clothes before we had to leave and so did Harry. I put on a pinky red tanktop and jean shorts with white flower sandals. Harry wore all black. Samantha wore a green sundress with black flip flops. Jessica wore a black tank top that said fuck you and white shorts. Katey wore a pink striped t shirt and bright blue shorts. Everybody looked great so, we all got into a van to watch the movie in. We were two less people so there was  enough space for everyone. 

"What movie do you guys wanna watch?" Jessica asked.

"I was thinking scary." Katey said

"Yeah! How about Paranormal Activity?" Samantha said

"Sounds good!" I said.

We parked our car near the food and the bathrooms, so we didn't have  a long way to walk. The boys got up and got us food and drinks. Harry sat down and pulled me on top of his lap, so I wrapped my arm around him snuggling up to him. The rest of the girls did the same. The movie started and I was already scared. 

"Baby, it's okay. It's just a movie." Harry said comforting me.

"I know." I said back 

"Throw me a popcorn." He said.

I threw a popcorn up into the air and he caught it. He threw one at me and I caught it too. I threw another one at him,but he missed it. We continued to do this until our popcorn ran out. The movie was getting confusing and every one else was in a deep make out session, so I didn't know what to do. I was still in Harry's lap. He put his hand to my head and gently pushed it so my head was on his chest. He kissed the top of my head. I was getting tired, and it was late so I fell asleep in his arms.


"Should I just carry her up?" Harry asked.

"Unless you wanna pist her off you should." Zayn said. 

I was pretending to be asleep. Harry picked me up and cradled me in his arms like a baby up the stairs and into our room.

"Hello!" I said perky scaring him. He jumped and tripped over the all the shit on the floor, causing us to fall on the bed.

"I thought you were sleeping." 

"I was. Then I got lazy and didn't wanna walk, so I pretended to be asleep so you had to carry me." I said smiling. He frowned. I just kept laughing. 

"Can I borrow one of your shirts again?" I asked 

"Yeah. They're in the pile over there." I walked over to the pile and there were about 20 different shirts. I picked the one that said Manchester United. It was big on me, so I wore it as a night gown, like last night. I finished getting ready and got into the bed. Harry came and snuggled up to me. 

"I love you." I said to him looking up.

"I love you too, but more." He said kissing my cheek. He started whisper singing in my ear as I fell asleep.


"I'm gonna stay here with Jessica." I said to Harry. Him and Samantha katey Liam Zayn and Niall were going grocery shopping. I wasn't feeling to well and Jessica didn't feel like going, so we both stayed home. I was getting ready when my stomach started to cramp up. I ran over to the toilet and started throwing up. Fuck. Either I'm sick. Or pregnant.

"Oh my God. Clara are you okay?" Jessica said walking into the bathroom helping me pull the hair out of my face. 

"I think I'm okay" I said brushing all the shit out of my teeth.

"Wait. You were puking. Omg... are you... pregnant?" She asked 

"I might be."

"Louis didn't use protection when he raped you. Did he?"

"No. But Harry and I had sex without protection once too. It could be his baby."

"How long ago. Did you have sex without protection?"

"In Catalina." 

"Okay. Well we need to go to get a pregnancy test thing." She said.

"I know. But what do I tell Harry?"

"Nothing yet. You need to make sure first, before you freak him out." She said 

"Your right. Let me text katey and Sammy and tell them." I said 

I think I'm pregnant -me 

What?? -S 

R u serious?- k 

I think so. I puked. I need a pregnancy test. Don't tell Harry yet. -Me 

I can get one from the store without the boys knowing- k 

Can u plz?- me 

Yea- k 

We will  be back to the house in 5 - s 

Five minutes later Sammy and katey were in my room with 5 different tests.

"This one you gotta pee in." Katey said. I went to the bathroom and peed in the cup. The test strip turned green. Pregnant. The second one was red. Not. The rest were green. 4/5 said I was pregnant . 

"Its still not certain if you're pregnant or not." Sammy said 

"Yea. These tests don't always work. You're gonna have to see a doctor." Jessi said 

"Which means I'm gonna have to tell Harry." I said.

"Just tell him the truth and he won't get upset." Katey said.

"Hey. We're back!" Niall screamed from down stairs. Fuck. Harry came into the room and straight up to me. He pulled me into a hug then a long kiss.

"Umm... Clara? What are these?" Harry said holding up the test strips. 

"We'll leave you two alone." Samantha said walking out with jessi and katey. 

"Harry, we need to talk." 


"This morning I puked. So I took a few pregnancy test. All of them except one came back positive. I'm most likely pregnant, but I need to see a doctor." Harry looked shocked 

"With whose baby? Louis didn't use protection.

"I'm not sure. But remember in Catalina, we didn't use protection? And anyways Louis raped me two days ago. It's almost impossible for the baby to grow that fast. We will have to wait to find out until the kid is born." I said. Harry hugged me.

"I know you might not be carrying my child, but i will support it and love it with all my heart." He said kissing my nose. He came to my lips and we explored each other's mouths.

"I need to get you to a doctor." He said looking at my stomach.


+++++++++++++++++++++ Authors Note++++++++++++++++++++++

Haii guys. Sorry for not updating in a long time. I didn't have WiFi at my hotel, so it didn't let me update. Okay so that was a fucking long chapter!! What do you think of Clara being pregnant? Make sure to like and comment. Don't be afraid to wake any questions about the story, I'll answer them asap! Thnx for reading!


Stay beautiful



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