Fearless (au payne)

I used to think
that love & fear
were not even close to the same thing.
but now, being with you,
I understand that they can be similar.
The fear that keeps us from loving
is also the glue that keeps our love together.
I'm afraid of our future
I love how we are

I'm in love with the ecstasy of fear


Not every 19 years olds live their dream; going to college, meeting somebody special, marrying the one, & starting a family. For those who don't live that kind of life, live in a dark & harsh world. Where there's no one to trust or love. And to live in fear. But there is those who learn to fight fear.


5. chapter 5

Chapter 5~ Bodyguard


I should had known. Dean always manages to get in trouble everywhere he goes. It's his short temper that gets him trouble & he needs to control that. So whoever this Blake is, he's after me because of Dean. Dean has gotten into really big trouble since our arrival. He's been getting into fights, owning people some money & been sleeping with other men girlfriends. What a great brother of mine. Anyways, what Sam has told me so far that Dean apparently owns this Blake guy 50 grand. He didn't say for what exactly but somehow Blake found out about me. And now he wants revenge on my brother by getting a hold of me. That's when they called Liam. Liam is my bodyguard for now on & he always be with me. 

'Well this is music to my ears." i said sarcasm

"Emma,please try to understand this is for your safety." Sam tries to calm me down.

"I can't because all you guys do is lie" I yell at Sam's face.

" You do realize if your brothers didn't hired me to protect you, you'll probably woud've got rape last night" Liam says.

That made Sam & I stare at each other for a very long time. I soon realize Liam was right. If it wasn't for him, I would've gotten rape or kidnapped from these guys that working for some guy who wants revenge on my brother. I guess i have to trust my brothers on this one...& Liam.


Im so sorry this took forever & for it to be super short
I've been busy with school since its coming to an end & i have alot of work to do
I promise to make the next chapter longer

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