Fearless (au payne)

I used to think
that love & fear
were not even close to the same thing.
but now, being with you,
I understand that they can be similar.
The fear that keeps us from loving
is also the glue that keeps our love together.
I'm afraid of our future
I love how we are

I'm in love with the ecstasy of fear


Not every 19 years olds live their dream; going to college, meeting somebody special, marrying the one, & starting a family. For those who don't live that kind of life, live in a dark & harsh world. Where there's no one to trust or love. And to live in fear. But there is those who learn to fight fear.


3. chapter 3

Chapter 3~ Brothers


I woke up early morning feeling amazing. Last night was perfect. I got out of bed & walked to the kitchen. I feed Rocky his breakfast & began to cook breakfast. While I was cooking the pancakes, I felt two strong arms around my waist.

"Mmm, watcha cooking?" he mumbles in my neck

"Pancakes, eggs & bacon" I turn around and give him a peck on the lips

"Sounds good but I rather have something better" he smirks and I laugh at his dirty joke. I love his jokes, even if they're dirty. He always knows how to put a smile on my face.

"I think you already got some last night mister" I went back to cooking the pancakes.

"Yeah, but I wa-" he was cut off by someone knocking on the door.

"Were you excepting company over this morning?" he ask as he breaks away from waist.

"No" I answer. I'm confuse; who could be knocking on my door. It couldn't be Jane or Kathy, they were both at work. It could be James, but he wouldn't come without telling me at first.

George walks up to door & opens it.

"Emma" I know that voice from anywhere & I cannot forget about it.



I woke up from the dream, reliving that moment when Dean & Sam walked back into my lifwe. That was also that day when they first met George. Judging by the way we were dressed like, me in George's shirt & underwear & George in just boxers, they realized that I am no longer known as their little innocent sister.They didn't like George at first, but after a couple days, they began to like him and accept my love towards him.

I got out of bed and walk to the kitchen, where the boys are eating breakfast. Lately, they've been coming home late, very late. I know that it's because of the gang, but back at Chicago they'd be home by 1 in the morning.

I enter the kitchen & see Ian. Ian is the only person Dean trust with the family.He's practically family. He was there for me when Dean & Sam couldn't be.

"Are you really go like that with me?" 

"Oh um, no?" I was confuse. I didn't even know I was going out.

"Get dress. We'll leave in 5 min" he command. I wonder where are Dean & Sam.

I went back to my room & put on a simple black dress with a navy green jacket along with some thin leggings. I walk back to the living room & see Ian already at the door looking worried.

"Is everything alright?" I ask. He's starting to freak me out now.

He stays silent for a while but then looks at me.

"Yes, now come on."

• • •


We arrived at some kind of strip of bars. The street was empty & dead. Only a few cars & motorcycles were parked, maybe for those who are stoned or hangover still. A few guys looked at me strangely like I wasn't suppose to be here. This made me very uncomfortable, & tighten my grip on Ian's waist. My action caused him the chuckle.

"Relax Em, I won't let anything happen to you again"

We parked towards the end of the street, in front of a bar ( pub ). We got off & walk in the bar. Inside, it was empty-well not completely empty. There were a few men who were hungover, workers, or my brothers. What the hell are they in this kind of place? Why did Ian bring me here?

"Aye Dean" Ian called & soon as Dean heard his name, his head snapped. At first he couldn't recognize me, but once he realize it was mean his eyes were fill with anger & worried.

"What the hell Ian! Why did you bring her here! I told you-" Ian cuts him off.

"Yeah yeah, I know- to check up on her, but who wants to wake up in the morning, noticing that their brothers aren't there, & may think they're dead." looks like Ian wins.

Dean stays quite because he knows what Ian said was true & didn't have nothing say. Instead, he just looks at me & then turns away to talk to Josh.

Josh is Ian's little brother. We're both the same age, but he's a month older. Josh was like a mini version Sam, but more nicer. He understood me the most in this "gang". He knew how it felt having your brother(s) coming back to your life & changing your future. When he told me that he stopped going to college because of Ian, I was pissed. What kind of brother destroys their younger sibling's dream? He had to leave college & join Ian on the gang. At first, he hated his brother for doing such a cruel ting, but then as the months go by, he then realize that Ian did this because he cared. He cared about him & wouldn't like any danger come near him. Josh told me, that's why my brothers came back, to protect me.

"Hey, haven't talked to you since,well you know, Chicago." he whisper the last part.

"Yeah" I say softly. It's hard to forget about what happen back in Chicago.

"Aye Em" whistled Ian. I got up & walk towards him.

"What do you think about having a job here?"


I'm sorry about last chapter & this chapter for being short & sucky but I promise next chapter will be better

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