forever bestfriends

Alice Roger is a lonely girl until she meets Luke Hemmings...


1. Meeting people


At school:

Dear Diary

Yes I'm a "new kid" walking in to a school i never been to before. I left eveything i loved to move, my friends my hometown and most of

my family. I have one person i know in Boston and that my dad. We both live in a 2 bedroom apartment with almost not enough to feed us both. People call me names and that only 25% of why i moved to boston from florida. My dads calling me from downstairs write to you later diary! ~ xox alice

first day of school

So today is my first day at "James High School" (JHS) And apparently 5 people committed suicide at this school in 2 years!! I almost fainted when i heard that.

Alice: Hi im Alice Roger! And you are?

Sammy: Hey im sammy im kinda new at this school...

Alice: haha me too! Im lost ... do you know were history is?

Sammy: Ya being here for 10 minutes you can sure learn a lot! Come'on I'll take ya!

Hey! I hope you like the first chapter! Im trying my best to keep it good and entertaining! Read for more...



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