Mistake or naww

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3. she needs to know the truth

Justin's pov

The next morning when I woke up Kayla was gone I searched everywhere for her she was no where to be found. Until I heard crying coming from the bathroom. I opened the door to see Kayla sitting there in a ball crying her eyes out.

Justin- Kayla are you okay?

Kayla- no I'm not okay! Do u even know what happened last nite?

Justin- yea

Justin- just forget about it okay! IT NEVER HAPPENED

I said walking out slamming the door

I got a shower and walked down stairs

Justin- I'll be back later

I walked out to my car and drove to the club when I walked in I seen my friends getting lap dances from stripper so I joinded

Stripper- hey baby! Wanna dance

Justin- yea

She gave me a long private dance until we decided to go to the bar. we were tipsy and things stared to get hot. She was kissing my neck leaving love bites.

Justin-let's take this back to my place!

Kayla's pov

It was about 1:30 am and justin still wasn't home.

I'm so worried about him. I mean yea he's my brother but I might have some feelings for him. I was just laying on the couch until I heard the door open. I turned my head to see a drunk justin walking in and behind him a blonde headed girl. Justin or the girl didn't see me yet so I just sat there. Things were getting hot. He said he loved her. I felt like crying but I hid my feelings and snuck upstairs. I layed in my bed crying for what felt like forever. All I could hear was that girl screaming Justin's name. After it was over and the girl was gone I went down stairs to get some milk to calm my nerves. As I was going down the steps justin passed me and grabbed me from behind.

Justin- Heey kaykay!

Kayla- get off me justin!

Justin- what's wrong babe?

Kayla- YOUR MY FUCKIG BROTHER! Now leave me alone! I said while crying! Justin walked up stairs and I followed behind him. He went into his took and slammed the door! I went into my room and cried myself to sleep!

Justin's pov

Man! I really fucked shit up tonight! Kayla's all I want! I know we can be together! I gotta tell her! She needs to know the truth!!


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