Mistake or naww

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1. he's drunk

Kayla's pov

I was sitting down watching tv when my drunk brother justin stumbled in threw the door. he had some stripper with him that he picked up on the street. she was wearing nothin but a towel. Or what look like a towel.

Kayla- Justin your drunk again!

Justin- NO!

Kayla- whatever! U need to go to bed! And your friend can't come I said pointing to the trashy looking girl mugging me

Stripper- but-

Kayla- no buts! Just byes! I said while pushing her out the door

Justin- Kay don't be so jelly!

Kayla- justin! Your my brother!

Justin- so!

I just ignored him cuz everytime he's drunk he acts like a fucking idiot!

We reached Justin's room and I led him in because he was so drunk he could walk! I took off his shirt and threw it into the hamper and walked to the door

Kayla- goodnite justin!

No reply he done passed out on his bed I turned his light off and walked into my bedroom and got into bed and fell asleep

Justin's pov

I pretended to be asleep and to be drunk. So I waited till Kayla walked out the room and fell asleep! About 45 minutes later everything was silent I knew she was asleep so I tiptoed into her room. I know she's my sister but she's so beautiful! I couldn't help myself so I leaded in and kissed her she woke up


justin- shh don't fight it. I said getting in her bed kissing her neck

Kayla- b-bu-but justin your m-my-my brother she said moaning a little

Justin- nobody will have to know!

Kayla- ju-

I cut her off by kissing her. I knew she wanted it just as much as I did cuz she moved in sync with my lips. I then peeled off her top and bottoms leaving her in her underwear and bra!

Kayla- stop your drunk and my brother

Justin- I'm not drunk and Idc! SO SHUT UP!

I kissed all down her stomach! Leaving love bites


I knew she wanted it. I stopped teasing her and got us both naked! Her eyes widened at my length

Kayla- I'm not gonna fuck my brother in my own bed!

Justin- ok

I got up and picked her up bridal style and layed down on the floor! And got on top of her

Justin- when do mom and dad get back?

Kayla- next year

I nodded and put my length into her hitting her g spot everytime she screamed my name


I did as told and went harder riding her for about 50 minutes until we both cam! I rolled off Of her and kissed her. I got up and went to my room got a shower and went back in her room and layed down with her in my arms! We both went to bed! But did I just make a big mistake or naw?

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