Mistake or naww

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5. dude...you fuck your sister

Justin pov

Today when I got up I didn't bother waking up Kayla so I just left without making a noise when I went outside Ryan and Chaz were waiting for me

Ryan- sup bro

Chaz- aye

Justin- sup guys

Chaz- nothin much

Ryan- same


Ryan & Chaz- dude u have sex hair

Justin- yea okay

Ryan and Chaz- what did u do last night

Justin- nothin just cuddled

Ryan's and Chaz- with who?


Chaz- what?

Ryan- is this the same Kayla u told me about the other nite

Chaz- dude Kayla is his sister

Ryan- dude you fuck your sister?

Justin- no she's not my sister.....my mom and dad found her

Chaz and Ryan- I was about to say

Just then the door opened

Kayla- will y'all stop yelling damn!

Justin- sorry kyky

Kayla just smiled then walked back into the house

Chaz- dude she's hot as fuck

Ryan- yea now that we know she ain't your sister we can have a chance

Justin- no no no boys she's mine

Out of know where Kayla speaks

Kayla- not yet pretty boy

I turned around to see Kayla standing at the door in her high waist short shorts with a crop top and black bobs on damn did she look hot

Justin- where you going?

Kayla- walking

Justin- want me to come with?

Kayla- no I'm okay

Justin- ight bye

Kayla- bye

Chaz and Ryan- bye Kayla

Kayla- bye boys

I watched her walk away! Dat ass tho

Kayla's pov

I walked all the way to the park until I seen a bench so I walked over and sat down on it. A boy walked past that looked familiar then I noticed it was Austin mahone

Austin- hey Kayla

Kayla-hey Austin

Austin- what are you doing out here all alone

Kayla- just went for a walk

Austin shot a smile at me. Damn he was cute ow and did I mention Austin is my boyfriend for 2 years now

Austin- umm Kayla I have a question

Kayla- what?

Austin- can we be serious now?


Austin- wanna walk to your house

Kayla- sure

We walked all the way back hand in hand until I got a message

From; justy

Hey babe :* when are you coming home? I want cuddle time!!

Fuck fuck fuck I forgot about justin!!!

To: justy

Umm about that we gotta talk

From: justy


I put my phone back into my pocket before I knew it we were at my house I walked in with Austin trailing behind me.

Justin- hey Kay-

He stopped and shot a glare at Austin

Kayla- Austin I'll be back justin follow me

He got up and followed me into the basement

Justin- Kayla what the fuck?

Kayla- u know how I feel about him

Justin- I know but what about.....us

Kayla- i don't know that's why I need to talk to you

Justin- but Kayla i Love you

Kayla- ju-

Justin cut me off by kissing me. I moved closer and closer until I was on Justin's lap. We had a makeout session until some one interrupted us


Kayla- now Austin wait

Justin- let us explain

Austin- explain what that u fuck your sister?

Kayla- he's not my brother

Justin- my mom and dad didn't even adopt her they found her

Austin- that changes some things but why Kayla? After 2 long years

Kayla- I'm sorry but I love justin!

Austin- fine I'll leave

Justin- sorry bro

Kayla- I'm so sorry justin

I began to burst out in tears

Justin- don't cry bb

Kayla- u must think I'm such a whore!!

Justin-no I don't I love you!

Kayla- I-I- I love you to

We shared a beautiful kiss then layed down on the couch in the living room and cuddled while watching spongebob!!


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