Strive For Me

I saw them again today, the monsters that were killing the people in the outside world. They were nasty and looked even worst than Lindsay Lohan. They limped and crawled, their faces were so messed up. it was like their skin was melting off their faces. I turned to Danny and i've never seen him look so horrified before, I reached out my hand and held his. He was trembling and his hands were clammy, I didn't know to do but look at the horizon with him. What was the purpose of our life now? Were we still supposed to be reproducing? Is it even safe enough to? I don't know, but this world seems to be crumbling beneath my feet, is it alright if i make it worst?


6. Aug 22, 2015



"Fuck! What do we do now?" Both Faith and Danny began piling things in front of the door to keep the others from coming in. They'd rather be in a room with one crippled monster than be bombarded by dozens on them.

Danny gave a small smug smile, "Just gotta smash 'em in the head like in the movies I guess," he raised his bat and began running towards the monster. He brought the bat down with all his might and launched the head out of the window and into the field. "Shit!" He yelled and shook the thing off his leg. It was still moving just like Faith had anticipated, they weren't regular zombies; they could evolve themselves and and move around without a head. As the monster came closer she noticed that the monster had dark blotches in different areas of the body. She quickly grabbed a cups of pencils and stabbed it as it was about to attack them.

"EAT PENCILS BITCH!" Faith managed to push the monster back to the ground, she began to impale the monster's skin the her little cup of pencils. When she was out of pencils the whole room was silent except for the horse breath of her panting.

Danny pulled her back and kicked the monster away. Faith wrapped her arms around Danny and he patted her head as if he were praising her. the thing didn't seem to be moving anymore, nor did it make any noise. "What the hell did you do?" He was amazed, pencils stuck out in different directions but they were all in the same base. Faith had somehow managed to stick every pencil she had into areas were the skin seemed to be dark and bruised.

"Acupuncture, they can't move their joints if i stab them in those places... conveniently the skin is all dark around those areas, like it was just screaming 'Hey look at me! Weak point! Ahh!'" Faith did a little fake scream but still held on tight to Danny, "Scary..." He chuckles, and wipes the blood off her face.

"Ok, good job but get off now." He pulls her up and looks outside the window, there was still a hand full of the monsters out there. "I got an idea, just wait here and calm yourself or something..." Danny pulls out a chair and walks over to the phone.

"Hey, do you think you can make an announcement in certain places of the school? like make an announcement at the end of this hall... no, i know 2 floors above your head? if you can lure these fuckers away we can rescue the others in the next room... yeah... ok." the room went silent again for a little bit but Danny turned around and walked towards Faith. "He said it could take a while but when he gets it, the phone will ring," he motions behind him, "And it'll ring for about 30 seconds so we can get ready. Then Virus will either say some random shit to signal to us that he's leading them away or he'll tell us we'll have to find another way into the other room."

Faith nodded and they ended up scavenging around for more pencils and weapons. They took their time sharpening each pencil and waited for their cue. Finally the phone rang and they began removing the desks, Danny put his hand on the door knob as the announcement went on.

"UHH, WE HAVE PIE IN THE TOILET SEATS... EVERYONE COME GET YOUR TOILET PIES." The monsters began screeching as they ran towards the speaker at the end of the hall. Danny opened the door and slipped out so he could open the computer lab. Faith snuck in and he closed the door behind him, the computer lab was dark but Faith could make out a couple people in the back of the room.

"We're here to save you, get up and lets go." Danny turned on the lights and gripped his bat, not letting his guard down; as he turned around 5 people began rushing themselves towards them.

"Fuck! For real?" Faith raised her bat and swung as hard as she could taking out 2 guys while Danny took the other 3 by himself. "What the fuck is wrong with you people? We risked our lives to get you and here you are attacking our asses!" Faith kicked the guy in front of her, shaking her head as she mumbled to herself. All the adrenaline she saved up for this moment went to waste so she began to smash the monitors to release her anger.

"Seriously, we should just tell Virus to make an announcement in this room so they can get eaten, the bunch of assholes," He leaned against the wall and looked at Faith, she was already on her 4th monitor.

"No please! We weren't sure we could trust you guys so the men decided they would knock you out first." Faith stopped smashing her 6th monitor and turned around, the voice sounded familiar.

"Well, look what the slut dragged in... Miss Melody Roade! Hey! She's the cockslut i was telling you about!" Faith went over to Danny and began laughing as she playfully smacked him, he raised his eyebrow. "THIS BITCH!" she pointed her bat at her, "MADE MY LIFE FUCKING HELL! WE SHOULD TOTALLY JUST BEAT THEM ALL UP AND LEAVE THEM. YEAH! LETS DO IT DANNY! LETS DO IT!" she started pulling on Danny's sleeve but he just flicked her in the forehead.

"Dumbass, save your revenge for later. Let's just bring this sorry bunch back with us and decide what to do with virus and nick..." Danny opened the door but turned around before walking out, "Don't even try to trick us, i'll kill you all." He holds the door for Faith as she walked out, scowling.

Once outside the classroom, they can clearly hear Nick singing the national anthem. The monsters crowded themselves at the end of the hallway allowing the pair and the group of survivors to sneak downstair and back into the security room.


I AM SO FUCKING ANGRY, I HAPPENED TO FIND MELODY ROADE! FUCKING MELODY ROADE! I just want to bash her head in, like stick pencils in her shitty eye sockets. I went to the school looking for my parents! Instead of finding them, Danny made me bring the bitch back. 

I did happen to find out another important detail about the monsters. It's almost like their nerves are still working, earlier today i noticed that they had dark blotches on their bodies. If we can hit it hard enough with a bat or something, even impaling it with something sharp, we can stop them from moving around too much; maybe we can even kill them off completely. They also evolve really fast... they find different means of luring in humans, even mimicking us has become an option for them. WATCH OUT FOR THAT CRY FOR HELP, COULD BE A TRAP.

Right now the guys are talking together to see what they should do with the group (I'm left out because i wanted to KICK ALL THEIR ASSES OUT) I swear if i even have to look at Melody, i'll bust a vein. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK! I heard them discussing we should go scavenge the cafeteria soon so until then we have to bust up the vending machine and try to eat food in there. Even the thought of working for that princess whore makes me want to vomit. I bet she'll pull us down, i swear I'll leave her sorry ass to get ripped up if she happens to drag me into trouble. DAMMIT, THIS SUCKS.

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