Strive For Me

I saw them again today, the monsters that were killing the people in the outside world. They were nasty and looked even worst than Lindsay Lohan. They limped and crawled, their faces were so messed up. it was like their skin was melting off their faces. I turned to Danny and i've never seen him look so horrified before, I reached out my hand and held his. He was trembling and his hands were clammy, I didn't know to do but look at the horizon with him. What was the purpose of our life now? Were we still supposed to be reproducing? Is it even safe enough to? I don't know, but this world seems to be crumbling beneath my feet, is it alright if i make it worst?


4. Aug 21, 2015

I've notice there's been a lot of free time for me since i can write in this journal. Maybe it's because of the bus driver, i don't know; but he's still out there. I don't know if it's only me but i realize that he chews on the announcement pole usually after the warlord says something. sooner or later, we will not be able to communicate and he won't be able to control us any longer. A couple more guards died this morning, i heard their screams when i woke up; they were attempting to get rid of the bus driver but life took a turn for the worst and now they're out there crawling around. these guards were different though, they seem to almost be whole; maybe they were missing a couple limbs but their heads were still connected to their torsos and lower body. the bus is still out there too, i should steal it and leave this place; but should i bring the others? do i trust them enough?


"You know, you're really bad at writing a diary. you're not supposed to let anyone else know what you're writing and here you are fucking shouting out your thoughts." Danny swiftly snatches the book away from faith and examines it. "You have shit handwriting too."

Faith waited until Danny returned her journal before explaining that she was an open thinker. she also explained that she had no problem they were listening to her because she simply didn't give two shits.

"Well anyways, i like how you always observe the zombie. if we know how it works, we can steal the bus and get our asses out of here. This isn't a movie, this is real life; so we can't assume that they can't run or they can't see for all we know they are capable of anything" Nick sighs and lays down on his bed, he slowly closes his eyes and began to take deep breaths.

"Wait how do you even know we're dealing with zombies? You heard Faith the other day, she didn't even categorize them as zombies." Danny throws a pillow towards Nick's face climbs up to my bunk. "Lemme see what you wrote." Faith hands his her journal and leans against the wall, she notices virus was in his corner again and he seemed to be in deep thought.

"Do you have something to share with us, Virus?" Faith questions cautiously not sure if he heard her or not.

"Well..." Virus slowly turns to face Faith, "we can probably escape in the morning, tomorrow is trash day. The gate will automatically open for 10 minutes tomorrow at 7:00, this is usually for taking out the trash, but since those things are out there, i doubt anyone will go. this could be our chance to take the bus and get our asses out of here." While virus was explaining, Faith visualizes her own plan.

"Those things are definitely attracted to sound, I see it crawl toward the pole every time the warlord make an announcement, this could be to our advantage." Faith reaches over and takes her journal back from danny, "since the door is right across from the entrance and the bus is right in front of the entrance we can probably make a run for it if we can some how make a lot of noise in this corner so that those things are distracted." Faith draws a picture as she explains her plan to the group, she was going to see her parents.


Its almost the time for action, we stayed up all night working on our plan and we couldn't fall asleep so I'm taking this time to explain the plan in case something like this happens again. Those monster are 100% attracted to sound, but it seems like their hearing is really sensitive because they could hear even the flutter of a piece of paper; but what bothers me is that the limbs also seem to hear it even though they don't have ears, be carful of that. Luckly Danny had some firecrackers stowed away in his closet, we can light it and throw it away from our path and make our way towards the bus. ITS ALL ABOUT THE TIMING. we only have 10 minutes to get the bus through the gate and it takes us 5 minutes to even get out of the door from our room. After we distract those things, we make a run for it and get to the bus as fast as we can. start it up and get our asses out of here. It may sound simple, but trust me; it's harder than it is. There's still something that troubles me, i feel like those things (monsters?) can sense more than hearing; but it's just my theory, i'm still not sure.

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