Strive For Me

I saw them again today, the monsters that were killing the people in the outside world. They were nasty and looked even worst than Lindsay Lohan. They limped and crawled, their faces were so messed up. it was like their skin was melting off their faces. I turned to Danny and i've never seen him look so horrified before, I reached out my hand and held his. He was trembling and his hands were clammy, I didn't know to do but look at the horizon with him. What was the purpose of our life now? Were we still supposed to be reproducing? Is it even safe enough to? I don't know, but this world seems to be crumbling beneath my feet, is it alright if i make it worst?


3. Aug 20, 2015

I couldn't sleep last night, but no one could blame me, the others were restless as well. While i'm writing this, I can tell that they are awake listening to me scribble in this pathetic excuse of a journal. Its raining outside and the bus driver is still out there, it also seems like the people he tore apart are somehow still alive because you can hear them dragging themselves around in the rec area. I would say they were like zombies but zombie aren't as violent as these thing, the bus driver just ripped the guards to pieces and the only thing he bit was the neck. So why are the arms and legs moving on their own? I can hear Virus mumbling to himself again but then again i talk to myself when I write these entries, are they listening to me?


When morning came, the horn blared it's alarm just as usual and the warlord's voice came on. He told the prisoners to stay inside for now and to keep calm but there wasn't even a single person panicking; as long as it wasn't them being ripped to shreds or danger wasn't even close to them, no one will panic. When Faith passed the window, she realized that the bus driver was still there; and he seemed to be slowly crawling over to the horn as well as the limbs. She quickly grabbed her stuff and left for classes. When she came back around noon she looked out the window again trying to examine what the monster was doing but he was just leaning against the pole pretending like he was asleep with an arm on his lap.

When the sun began to set Faith was determined to watch the bus driver. Something was different about him during the day while at night, it was as if he was more lethargic in the morning. While she was watching him she began playing with her pressure points, something she had learned how to do back in 5th grade. Pressing at different parts of her body allowed her to control her thinking abilities as well as her attention span and energy. As she fiddled around with her wrist she was able to relax herself after a hard day of labor. She settled down and watched the bus driver as the sun went down. Virus was also in the room messing around with an old radio. He managed to fix it somehow and was listening to a station that was reporting the news outside these prison walls: people were dying.


I was watching the bus driver again. he started biting the pole when the warlord announced lights out, but nobody could go to sleep not after hearing what the radio had said. If i remember correctly it when along the lines of " People all over the Los Angeles area was dying after an incident where 20 people were brutally murdered 4 days ago from being ripped limb from limb. Currently, there are half dead people crawling, limping and walking around taking ahold of their next victim and tearing them apart. Lots of people are taking refuge in Belmont High School and are waiting to be rescued by the government" There was no other explanation, there were more people like the bus driver out there; and whats worst is that mom and dad are out there. I lived in Los Angeles and I went to Belmont. I wonder if they're ok, it would be amazing if we could meet up again. I don't want their look of disappointment to be the last thing I see from them, at least let they survive long enough for me to apologize. 

Danny also seems really restless tonight, the whole time i was writing he was tossing and turning beneath me i wonder if i'm talking to loudly.

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