Strive For Me

I saw them again today, the monsters that were killing the people in the outside world. They were nasty and looked even worst than Lindsay Lohan. They limped and crawled, their faces were so messed up. it was like their skin was melting off their faces. I turned to Danny and i've never seen him look so horrified before, I reached out my hand and held his. He was trembling and his hands were clammy, I didn't know to do but look at the horizon with him. What was the purpose of our life now? Were we still supposed to be reproducing? Is it even safe enough to? I don't know, but this world seems to be crumbling beneath my feet, is it alright if i make it worst?


2. Aug 19, 2015

It's only been a week and it's almost as bad as school. All the girls here were so ratchet, they think they're all so badass just because they're in jail. "Oh, i strangled my mother." "I beat up my classmates." "I robbed a store." Great, do you want a cookie? Well at least the guys are fun to hang out with but i don't think a lot of people like them very much. I mean the girls are head over heels in love with them, but the other guys all seem to always be glaring at them. The other day Danny showed me the boxing room, i was surprised he could tell i was antsy from all my pent up frustration. He wasn't as bad as i thought he was, he even held the punching bag in place for me. Then Nick took me on a walk too, he taught me how to "feel" my surroundings and we meditated. It was really weird not doing anything for half an hour but and really cleared my mind. I think Virus (YES THATS HIS ACTUAL NAME, DON'Y BE MISTAKEN) told me he was going to show me something cool, but like i said before, i can't understand what he's saying. 


The sun shone on Faith as she closed her diary, it was a good thing she had bought one. now she could write down her days as a prisoner and one day her great grand children will read it and say "Wow, our great grandma was so awesome!" or maybe they'll just be embarrassed that they are related to a criminal. Her eyes fluttered shut and she waited for Virus to come back and take her to this "awesome" place she heard.

Hours later Faith woken up from her nap by the sound of bus horn. She examined the room and saw that no one was there and looked at the clock, dinner time. Everyone was in the dining hall on the other side of the facility, including the guards. Faith went over to her window and saw that a bus was in front of the gate continuously honking it's horn; but it wasn't like the bus was honking and letting go, this honk was as if the driver had held on to the horn so that it made a long endless hoooooooooooonk.

Finally, after 5 minutes or so, Faith realized that the driver was knocked out so she quickly ran to get a guard. While the guard went to check on the driver, Faith stayed in her room and watched. It looked as if the driver was playing dead, like he wanted to scare the guard when he was close enough. She also saw something moving towards the school but it was too dark to make out what was going on.

The honking ultimately stopped and the guard drove the bus in and closed the gate. It seemed like the driver really did pass out and the guard was dragging him in and out of nowhere Faith had witnessed the most horrific scene. 


Earlier I saw one of the guards get torn to shreds, he's was bringing the bus driver in and out of nowhere the bus driver just "sheds" his skin and stabbed the guard in the stomach with his arm. after doing so, he took his hand out and started licking the wound before grabbing onto the guard's arm and tearing the limb off. it was pretty gory, and i think i was the only one who saw what happened from beginning to end but when the bus driver was done ripping the shit out of the guard he just sat there swaying in the puddle of blood that came from the guard. I said so before that he was "shedding" i think it was due to the fact that he had clumps of skin just flaking off like when you're really sun burnt. When the bus driver was done playing in his little puddle, he just lied down and pretended to sleep again. 

I turned around to run and get help but Danny, Nick and Virus was behind me. Their mouths gapping, maybe they saw what happened too? i don't know, and they refused to say anything; i took another step to go get help but it seems like the other guards beat me to it. I quickly ran to the window and watched the show all over again. Three people already died in 15 minutes, but that was it because nobody else dared to go outside.



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