Strive For Me

I saw them again today, the monsters that were killing the people in the outside world. They were nasty and looked even worst than Lindsay Lohan. They limped and crawled, their faces were so messed up. it was like their skin was melting off their faces. I turned to Danny and i've never seen him look so horrified before, I reached out my hand and held his. He was trembling and his hands were clammy, I didn't know to do but look at the horizon with him. What was the purpose of our life now? Were we still supposed to be reproducing? Is it even safe enough to? I don't know, but this world seems to be crumbling beneath my feet, is it alright if i make it worst?


1. Aug 12, 2015

I was kicked out of school today, because I fought with fucking Melody Roade. God I hate her, and it's only been a week of school. I don't know why they had to expel me, I only knocked out a couple of her "professionally" straightened teeth and maybe broke her "thousand dollar" nose. Now I'm on a bus to the infamous juvenile delinquent facility somewhere in California, apparently no one knows of it's location except the worst of the worst. Maybe I'll just take a nap, everything will settle itself out when I get there.


Faith let her eyes close, the smell of petroleum filled her nose and the back of her neck was covered in sweat. She thought of Melody again and clenched her fist, the sensation of hitting her anorexic freckled face filled her with so much joy it made her tingle. It was so worth getting sent to jail, there were no regrets.

The bus stopped abruptly, she was finally at the infamous facility in California. She took a step out of the bus and looked around, it didn't look that much different from school. The only difference was that she had to wear an annoyingly bright orange jumpsuit.

"Get over here," only of the guards grabbed a fistful of her hair and led her inside, she could hear the metal gates closing behind her. She was eventually led to a room labeled Cell K5, the guards opened the door and shoved her in. "This is your new room, who's the cell captain? Someone just teach her what's going on, the warlord won't be happy if she ain't accustomed by tonight."

Faith looked around the room, right off the bat she saw 3 pairs of eyes staring daggers at her. They were all in their own little corners, each doing different things; she sighed and went over to the remaining vacant corner and sat down. They eyes followed her every move, she quickly got settled in her little corner and pretended to ignore them.


I met my room mates earlier, it seem like this facility is coed because the other three people are all boys. Well, there was this only boy (HE LOOKED LIKE A GIRL) I was so embarrassed, i don't think he likes me lol. It funny though because he has a really girly name: Danielle (of course he told me "I'll rape you at night if you call me that" So i call him Danny, like Danny Phantom... he's also albino or something because hair is really white. Anyways, he really made a big impression on me. Then there's this other guy who's insanely tall named Nick, he doesn't really talk much but when he does it's always to help me. I really like him, he's really helpful and quiet unlike Danny. He just does his own things and minds his business. Then there's this other guy who's always mumbling  to himself, not to mention i can barely hear him when he's talking. I think he told me to call him Virus, but i'm not so sure, I'll have to ask Danny or Nick tomorrow just to be safe, I'll feel sad if i got his name wrong. I also just finished dinner too, the food wasn't as bad as i thought prison food would be but i got a lot of glares from the other girls. It felt so uncomfortable eating, like the food just didn't want to go down my throat. I just hope the girls don't all turn out to be Melodys, but then again I'm in jail so all of them won't be perfect. I really want tomorrow to be better, that's all i want. I just need to survive 5 years in here and then I can continue on with my life. Right?

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