The Reporter

Sherlock... the one who makes you think your not smart enough, the one you would go to if your friend got murdered,, and the one whom looks good in a hat... Sherlock


2. Sherlock's POV

I need some excitement in my life! People aren't getting murdered as often. Molly brought in one person this evening. My mission is complete I think I freaked him out. His name was John, he was  a little shorter than me and he had blonde hair I could tell by little details like his watch that: his brother and him aren't close, his brother is an alcoholic, he was a doctor in the military and fought for the military, he got the leather jacket he was wearing  5 days ago and he bought it pre- worn, he obviously loves to figure out crimes, and has a steady hand since he was in the military, he doesn't care about what he wears, he would be the perfect partner, but I don't like him. (That was just from his watch.) Well he moved in with me ,Mrs. Dodd's had an extra room for the both of us. The phone rang when we both were sitting down Jim had called saying a lady killed herself, and then that a man died, and then that another woman committed suicide. Sherlock knew this was out of the ordinary....

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