The Reporter

Sherlock... the one who makes you think your not smart enough, the one you would go to if your friend got murdered,, and the one whom looks good in a hat... Sherlock


4. Johns POV

When I met this guy, Sherlock, he was very, how do I put this nicely, weird. I'm not very nice, as you can see, I worked in the military, as a doctor and sergeant, which he was right about, an  he was right about the whole brother thing. To be honest, he really freaked me out, but I think that was his ill intent. I really do think this guy, Sherlock is out of his mind, when I went  into his apartment he had a yellow smiley face painted on the wall ad then he shot it. "Well then!" He even jumped when Molly, the sexy  associate, said three people got murdered, an  when the guy on th  phone reported them. I can't say I don't get high off this stuff as well. When I heard a girl was murdered I had two things in my mind, wow, this will be very interesting, for Sherlock, and I can't believe she got murdered. What surprised me the  most was Sherlock Holmes dragged me to th  crime scene. 

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