The Reporter

Sherlock... the one who makes you think your not smart enough, the one you would go to if your friend got murdered,, and the one whom looks good in a hat... Sherlock


1. Beatrice POV

It was an abnormal London day, taxis rushing around, people scurrying, a couple of murders from here to there, nothing out of the norm. I have been keeping close attention to one  man in particular, I haven't figured out his name, but it would make a great cover story. I saw him the other day running around with a short man. Oh, excuse ny unpleasant manners my name is Beatrice, but everyone calls me B the Reporter girl! I have never been the  one to make friends, I always found some gossip about them and had to report it! This guy in apartment 221b is strange he is not your normal guy. I snuck into his house earlier, I know what your thinking, what happened to her, I am in jail but don't worry I'll be fine, I think... but while I was in his house I came to three conclusions, he was either a psychopath, consulting detective, or a groomer... Hey don't judge, I am rusty, as you can  tell, or I wouldn't be in jail right now.

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