What you dont know


2. I never meant to start a war

My life is a mess. All the hatred is on me and harry. They are spewing their vulgar words at us like venom from a snake, they yell faggots, bye gaffers, and the paparazzi is horrible and persistent. The fandom is split more on Harry's side then mine. Some are neutral wanting Larry Stylinson to work.

That's when he called it off and everything went downhill from there. First the boys wouldn't talk to me and Liam joined in on the name calling and we had a huge twitter war. Then the band broke up the record company saying they don't pay bands after they brake up, but we didn't even brake up yet, yes it was going to happen eventually but not like this.

Then the pain got to be to great and I started an addiction I will never be able to overcome the way my life is heading right now.

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