What you dont know


4. help

I told two people about my problem Eleanor and Harry. Harry didn't seem very upset so I'm pretty sure he still hates me. Eleanor on the other hand was sick to her stomach the moment I told her. She told me I needed help so I listened and went to and addiction help center.

The doctor told me to try and find another thing that takes away the pain but is healthy, he recommended I hit the gym or join a sports team for fun.

I decided to join soccer I used to dabble in the sport when I was younger so I am not horrible at it. The team I joined was called the blue horns. It was a co-ed team and there was five girls and eight guys including me. When I walked on the field at first they thought I was just like any other celebrity, I think I'm the best when really I suck. After a few scrimmage rounds they began to treat me with respect like one of their friends.

One of the girls names was Myra. I'll admit she was very attractive and when she approached me after practice I was stunned. We talked for a while and before she left she wrote her number on a piece of paper and slipped it in my hand. As she walked off I slipped it in my pocket unsure about whether or not I would contact her again other that practice.

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